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how to get rid off back ache during pregnancy?

Carrying a child for nine months in your womb and finally to see your baby is one of the joyous moments of life. For some, it is a pleasant journey of the entire nine months while a few have to undergo various health issues due to changes in the body. When I was pregnant, the first trimester passed on with frequently throwing up, this completely stopped by the fourth month. As months progressed, and the baby was growing bigger, I started to develop back ache. Although back pain during pregnancy can be for various reasons and it could also be preterm labor if you are closer to your delivery dates.

Back pains are usually caused due to the weight gain during pregnancy. Due to the weight of the baby in the belly region women try to arch back which causes back ache. Another reason is the release of relaxing hormone during the pregnancy. This hormone loosens the pelvic region ligaments. It also loosens the spine which makes the muscles pull. Hence, it causes back pain for some.

Ways to reduce back ache
Initially when I had back aches, it was very uncomfortable and I tried many methods and visited a couple of doctors to find a way to stop the pains. If the pains are intense and if there is any spotting you need to visit your doctor, else here are a few things that might help you to deal with the back pains of pregnancy according to the experts’ suggestions.

Sitting and standing posture
The way we sit and stand can cause back aches not only to a pregnant woman but also to everyone. Sitting or standing for a long time without proper support causes the back muscles to stretch in turn causing pain. If you are in a situation where you need to sit for long hours, sit by touching your lower back and hip to the back rest of the chair or any furniture and your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Supporting my lower back while sitting with a soft pillow was also helpful and you could try that too.

Avoid heavy lifting
It's unavoidable bending and lifting things. But, you should be careful if an item is heavy. If you must, then keep your back straight, bend your knees and move the item closer to you and lift it and place it in a short distance by turning your entire body with your legs and do not turn half making your back twist. Do not shy to ask for help when it’s needed the most.

Avoid high heels
I know! Those chic and fashionable high heeled footwear you once wore is tough thing to give up. But you have to at least until delivery. Wearing high heels makes you put your entire body weight on your heels and this causes pressure on your legs and back because of more weight. Hence avoid wearing high heels and start using flat or medium flat sandals that covers your feet and gives a good feel for both yours and the baby’s safety.

Stress adds to discomfort
No doubt stress causes all kinds of health issues. During pregnancy if you are stressed, due to change in the pelvic region the muscles will be loose and the stress adds on to the fatigue in the muscles causing pain. This is another reason for back pain in pregnancy.

Wear a Maternity Belt 
Some Doctors advise to wear Maternity belt, It actually holds the belly so that the pelvic region and back are not strained. These Maternity belts are specifically good for women who have protruding belly which is hanging below your waist line.  you can purchase these maternity belts online. 

Belts whose width is more are good like the Vissco Maternity belt available on Amazon for a price of INR 400.

So take good care, do not stress yourself too much and get over these avoidable pains during pregnancy.

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