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How to find out if my train is cancelled

You have went all the way prepared with your family to the Railway Station just to find out that the train you are going to board is cancelled ! This makes for a frustrating experience. Some people miss important appointments, some loose lot of money and what not. Cancellation of train is not in our hands, But We have the right to know the cancellation information through sms , But I believe this is not being effectively implemented till today ( 09-12-15)

I will share my experience regarding cancellation of train which happened on 09-12-2015. We have to travel 90 kms to reach the Railway Station to drop my Family , We all Four Family members woke up early in the morning at 5 o clock sharply for the fear of missing the train !!  Got Ready Travelled 2 hours 15 minutes to reach the Railway Station . Finally we have arrived at the Railway Station.

Entered the Railway Station and was listening to the Announcment

To Our Utter Surprise and Frustation we heard that The Train Has been Cancelled

That was a painful news for us to digest,,  All the way we have come 90 kms , Booked a Vehicle which costed INR 3500/- , waste of time and energy.

I was literally cursing Indian railways , Why did they do not give an sms saying train has been cancelled. Few days ago I heard that Indian Railways will alert the passengers through sms if the train gets cancelled. But that did not happen to me.

We have returned back home and I was just questioning myselves, if there is any other way to find if the train we are going to travel is cancelled ? Then I could Recall 139 services which provide information of Arrival and Departure.

So I think this is the only way to know if your train is cancelled or not and also if it is running on right time or not.

I have learnt a lesson , From now for all my train journeys I will use 139 or check online as described below in the video  to know if the train is running on time or cancelled. 

Now I will tell you the procedure How to know if your train is cancelled or not using 139

  1. Dial 139 
  2. You will be propted for langauge selection
  3. select your language
  4. Choose Arrival Departure information
  5. Enter Train number 
  6. enter std code of the Railway station you are boarding the train at.
  7. You will get the info if train is late, on time or cancelled.
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