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Interesting products of the week part 1

Some time ago I did not know power bank existed, And till few days before I did not know about a coconut opener which can be operated like a screwdriver. After using my new car for 6 months I came to know about a car duster which makes it lot easier to dust off my car. My point here is to say you that there are lot of wonderful life saving products in the market which we are not using and getting benefited from. 

This series - " Interesting products of the week" is a sincere attempt to introduce you amazing life saving products, which can make your life interesting, easy and inspiring.

This week's most Interesting Products are 

Tender Coconut opener : To drink Coconut water , we have to slice the top using a knife but there is a alternative way to make holes in tender coconuts at home. Tender coconut Opener I am talking about screws through the top of The coconut and removes coconut fibers. It is good for people who regular drink fresh coconut water and use their knifes to make holes with lot of effort. these Tender coconut openers are available at a cost of Rs 200 on Amazon.

OTG Cable : Most of us own Mobile phones which support On the Go Storage , funny part is most of us don't know what is On the Go Storage, in simple words with OTG support you can access files in your pendrive / usb flash drive directly without transferring them to your mobile For this you just need a OTG Connector or cable , You may purchase these cables at Rs 100 - 200 online.

Car Duster :  Every one dreams of having a shining car, Most of us think it takes hours of our time to keep the car shining, I was also in a opinion till the time I had discovered about Jopasu car duster which only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to dust of your car, This car duster costs around INR 700 -800. I personally use this product since last 1 year I find it extremely helpful. It is a low maintenance item, I wash it once in a month.

Automatic Electric Egg Boiler : Having kids at home, Then there is no doubt you need to boil more than 20 eggs/week, Boiling eggs involves long waiting time and if you miss to keep a watch on them you end up getting half boiled eggs. The electric egg boiler I am talking about boils 5 eggs at a time and it takes 7 minutes boil eggs. Just 7 minutes of time. sounds interesting naaa !!!  It also has automatic cut off function which switches off the Electric egg boiler once the eggs are boiled.

Good way 5 egg Electric Boiler is available on Amazon at price INR 598 /- received good customer feedback. 

Coffee Mug That changes display: Enjoying a cup of Tea or coffee feels amazing and the joy doubles up when we drink it in our favorite coffee mug.There are lot of varieties of coffee mugs but The Coffee mug I am talking about displays the design on the mug only when it is hot. you can customize the picture on the cup. due to customization it is good for gifting.

You can give it as a gift to friends or your love. you can print your marriage pic with a quote or your baby's pic. If your hubby stays away from you and your kid you can gift this to your husband with  a customized pic of you and your baby. This Coffee cup is available at a price INR 399 on Amazon India.

That's all for today, will come up next week with more interesting products !!  Please let us know what do you think about these interesting products.

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