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I am using Honey to sweeten my diet

I did not realise that , I am using a lot of honey before one of my friend came to my house and pointed out at my kitchen self saying that " Arey aapka Kitchen ka self tho Dabur honey ka dibbey se bara hua hain " He means to say your kitchen self is fulled with many used Dabur honey bottles. He continued in his style and asked me one more question You people don't use sugar ? 
His Question made me realise 90% of the times I am using honey to sweeten my food and beverages 

Then I understood I am using honey all the day , It allowed me to maintain my body mass index at 25. One more important thing is when Doctor told me that my sugar levels are near to the red line during my Annual medical health checkup (which most of us people neglect) and warned me to make lifestyle changes, I responded and took one important step More Honey and Less Sugar

Gone are the days when we used to take honey from roadside vendors, It is very difficult to believe them now-  So i rely on Dabur Honey , Let me tell you what Diet I follow to avoid diabetes and manage my weight and remain fit 

My day starts with Lemon and Honey 

Yes I drink Hot water with half a lemon squeezed and 1-2 teaspoons of honey, Following are the benefits I have experienced by doing this
  • Feeling Energetic and active all the day
  • Weight loss was easier as lemon and honey creates alkaline atmosphere in your stomach.
  • My skin got healthier and glowing
  • No bad breath and good oral hygiene
My friend pointed out seeing this Dabur honey glass jars, You don't use sugar?

My Oats are powered with Honey to make them sweet.

I enjoy eating Oats, Oat meal with honey and cinnamon is a very healthy breakfast option. It is very good for diabetics as well. I don't know why, But I felt taste of Oats was great when powered with honey instead of sugar. So I am using Dabur Honey again. 

Green Tea powered with Honey instead of Milk Tea powered with Sugar

One thing which is dangerous to your health is Milk Tea, I can rarely find people above 50 taking milk tea if they are health conscious, Some of them take Black Tea, some prefer Green tea and some people like me prefer Green Tea Though I am only 33. 

Initially i could not get adjusted to Green tea because it did not taste good at all, I have started and stopped taking Green Tea several times, But from the past 1 year I have almost shifted to Green tea and drink Milk tea occasionally. 

When you are taking Green tea with honey your body gets plenty of anti oxidants which can boost your immunity and keep you young and fit. It will be very difficult initially to change to Green tea with Honey but try it for 10 days continuously and I bet you will appreciate the benefits having green tea with honey and make it a habit.

Gold can keep you externally beautiful and this Golden coloured Liquid keeps you internally beautiful

Sprouted Mung beans with Honey

This is one Breakfast option I like very much , It keeps you lite and powerful, very healthy alternative and easy to make and eatable anywhere, even in break times in office, college or school.

My friend is kidding on me, Though he is not very serious on changing to honey He made me realise that I am using honey more often, All this happened as a cumulative effect, the feel good factor motivated me to use more and more honey into my diet.

This article is written by Gowardhan Doddi, Blogger by passion and an Engineer by profession. Editor and founder of this blog.
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