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How to detect hidden cameras in trial rooms

There are different messages on social media writing about how to find a hidden camera in trial rooms which are false and those tips do not work , Today I came up with this article after a thorough research to be practical and helpful in finding hidden cameras in trial rooms which is a serious problem all over India .

Now a days shopping frequency has increased manifold as many shopping malls have emerged. We all are a part of a culture where we go to shopping malls at least once a month and end up buying clothes. But while buying clothes many of us use trial rooms of shopping malls where the risk of hidden camera is very high, So now the challenge is to detect the presence of hidden cameras in trial rooms.

There is one fake message which is getting circulated in emails, social networks and whatsapp .. 

In front of the trial room take your mobile and make sure that mobile can make calls........
Then enter into the trail room, take your mobile and make a call.....
If u can't make a call......!!!!
There is a hidden camera......
This is due to the interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer......

Please forward this to your friends to educate this issue to the public......To prevent our innocent ladies from HIDDEN CAMERA...........

The above message is false- because fibre optics do not interfere with mobile phone network. more over if you are not able to make calls means, it may be due to weak network in the trial rooms. 


So How to detect hidden cameras in trial room

1. Observing all around
First step to detect a hidden camera in a trial room is to observe all around for any doubtful objects like small clocks, flower pots or a bulbs or lights which are in odd shape. if you have a doubt on any object you may have to go further to investigate .

2. Using android apps to detect hidden cameras.
You can also use android apps to detect hidden cameras, apps like HCDapp for iphone and Glint finder app fro android are available.  you may install these apps which can detect hidden cameras

3. how to find double sided mirrors in trial rooms
This is the most scariest thing, Mirror is one-thing which cannot be avoided in a Trial Room. if it is a double sided mirror we need to worry. Here are few tips to find if the mirror is double sided or not?

There are some fake messages on social network about finding the mirror is see though or not by placing a finger, that is not correct - just ignore that message and follow the tips below

  • Switch off the lights
  • try to see through the mirror, you may be able to see through the mirror
  • if you tap on the two way mirror it sounds hollow.
  • Two way mirrors are generally inserted into the walls, they are not just hung on the walls.

4. wear a cap or cover your face.
While entering the trial room cover your face with dupatta or wear a cap and off the lights. and then change the dress, and after changing the dress on the lights and see if the dress suits you or not. This way you can protect your identity at-least so the  damage is not zero but it is far lesser.

Friends please help us find a hidden camera in trial rooms,, share your opinions and advices.

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