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How to deal with dog bites ?

Dog Bites ? does this subject worry you ! Are you curious why do dogs bite ? How to avoid the risk of getting bitten by dogs, whole world is curious to know about dog bites because dog bites account to 91% of total animal bites across the globe. Risk of dog bites is very high in India as the dog and human ratio is 1:36 as per Doctor A.k.Gupta, Joint Secretary of Indian Medical Association. That means there is 1 dog for every 36 human beings - Can you believe it?

It is not only about strange dogs or street dogs, I am talking about pet dogs too, because Many Indians have pet dogs too, and the chances of having a dog bite is more for a family who has pet dogs, because children get excited playing with pet dogs beat them touch them and hug them, So it is a real challenge for people who have children and dogs at home to avoid dog bites. As a parent you need to know how to prevent your dog from biting kids or children

Yes most of us have all this questions in our mind but were never very serious to know about these stuff, I think we should not wait till a dog bites us or our loved ones to know about how to manage dog bites. better you read it today itself ! ! ! 

As per Newyork Times Report, More than 1/3 rd of World's Rabies deaths are from India.

How dangerous are these dog bites?

Dog Bites can be highly dangerous because dog bites can lead to Rabies, Rabies is a very dangerous disease which can lead to death within a year or two by causing inflammation in Central nervous system. Rabies is caused by dog bites generally but it can also be caused by dogs licking in mouth, eyes and nose.

Why do dogs bite?

  1. Disturbing Dogs when they are sleeping or tired.
  2. When the dog thinks you are a danger to its possession like food and its puppies.
  3. When we get in between two or more dogs which fight each other.
  4. When dogs get excited while playing with kids.
  5. Dogs which are ill or mad also tend to bite.

To learn more about dog bites, you can visit

How to avoid dog bites?

  1. If a unknown dog is near you, stand still don't move, Don't show that you are afraid.
  2. Do not go near a dog while it is eating.
  3. Do not go to puppies while mother is away, in fact avoid going near puppies anyway - most importantly you should keep your children away from going near to puppies.
  4. Avoid going in between dogs which are fighting.
  5. Do not go near to an injured dog.
  6. Don't let your kids hug or kiss your pet dog, Dogs don't like to be hugged or kissed.
  7. Dogs also bite while playing with them, dogs enjoy catching your skin without biting, but when the dog is excited while playing it may bite.
  8. few things to do if a menacing dog approaches you, do not run and remember to breathe and one more thing you need to do is avoid eye contact with dogs.
  9. Be more cautious while you carrying food items when dogs are around.

Very useful video teaching self defence against a biting dog

Above video talks about RUFUS principle to avoid Dog bites.

R - Respect Dogs privacy.
U- Understand Dogs body language an its emotions.
F- Try to identify if a dog is freindly or not?
U- Identify unfriendly dogs
S- Stay away from unfriendly dogs.

First Aid for dog bites

Do the following
  1. Thoroughly wash the wound as soon as possible with soap and water for 15 minutes, this is effective.
  2. Apply iodine or Alcohol is effective in reducing virus further.
  3. Consult a doctor immediately, don't wait and observe the dog for 10 days.
  4. 5 doses of  Anti rabies vaccine is generally administered on 0,3,7,14 and 28 days.

Don't do the following
  1. Don't tie a cloth.
  2. Dont apply Turmeric or Mud.
You need to be especially careful with your kids. Please do share if you have any experiences which can be useful to all.

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