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Visiting My New house after 6 months was Overwhelming !

Now the houses are available ready made like pizza, clothes, electronics and everything else. I mean to say you are able to buy homes instead of taking all the pain to build. But in the year 2003 Our parents decided to build a house under their own supervision, it is painful, But at that point of time there are not many affordable and reliable real estate services like the which has evolved 2 years ago but is bringing a real change in the real estate industry. 

So When Our house was being built, Lot of times Mom and Dad use to worry about the time line as the Contractor used to carry work slowly due to lack of labour and when it comes to choosing housing material it was also a challenging task for my parents as I am 24 and I also could not guide them because I also really had a little knowledge about the all these stuff, 

But at least somehow my parents managed to complete the house in May 2005, At that time I was working in Pune it was my first job, which I have got with great difficulty 8 months ago, So I have to deliver and prove myself.

 "Due to some urgency at work I was not granted Leave to Attend my House Warming Function "

I felt really bad for not being able to attend the function, Because we all have special bonding with our house may be small or may be big. I was very eager to go to my home this time, I had stayed away from home due to my education for longer periods but This time it was difficult for me to hold on,, I am very much excited to see our newly built house. 

Finally after 2 months i.e in month of July 2005 I could get leave and came home, It was an amazing feeling to enter into our newly built house " I cannot forget that feeling for my lifetime "Anything new brings a lot of hope and enthusiasm.

Soon after that My Birthday was the next event which was celebrated on August 5th, 2005. It was also a great feeling for me. Just after entering into our new house I got selected for a new job with Tata which offered me a salary which is 3 times my existing salary. No one can expect anything more. I feel there is a magic in the house you live. 

"I am married now for 5 long years staying in other town and still when I go to my house that make me feel peaceful and happy "

I am now planning to get a house for myself, I am sure I cannot take the pain of building the house from foundation level, I will have to rely on some good real estate experts, i believe it is good to do so in this fast paced life. I came across which is providing services ahead of all other real estate companies. I would also recommend you all to check out all available 

I will explain you briefly why i want to choose briefly.
  1. Expert Advice.
  2. Different Approach.
  3. Use of Technology.
  4. Rental Agreement Services
  5. Home Loans.
As we all love our home we live in, We want to be the most beautiful place in this world, We need to do good enough research to really purchase a good house, Please share with me any of your nostalgic experiences about your sweet home.

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