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Should you Buy a Table Mate or Not?

Table mate>> table mate>> tack tack .. and so on goes the ad on Television, I was seeing this ad since past 1 year, I thought of trying it for myself. And ordered it one fine day, I am using it now and wanted to share my honest opinion about Table Mate-II . Table mate -ii is different from different form table mate -1 as it comes with coffee cup holder. Now come lets go into the details - Ifs and buts of Table mate.

Table mate user review 

I have ordered it from their official website, It has arrived in 2 weeks as I am at a remote location , I am ok with it. and the parcel has arrived through India post. Packing was not great as a result there are minor breaks on the ends . They are manageable with a pouch of fevistick. But I thought its my right to get all the value for money and spoken to Customer care, Though there was an initial delay they have responded.

And they have sent one more Table top - (which is plasticky) Table mate is sent in 6 parts legs and the supporter etc. So it is a happy ending finally at this point of time - If I rate them what will be the rating?
  1. Delivery time  -  7/10
  2. Packing  - 6/10
  3. Customer Care - 6/10

Table mate after use review (3 months old)

It is almost 3 months now since I am using Table mate-II.  Its design is very good, Making it easy for use and keep it away  and of-course That's the charm of table mate which attracts all of us. If you have kids in home you should be careful , Because kids trying to stand on table mate may damage themselves as well as table mate too because I found the fibre quality is not amazing.

Table Mate is good for multi-purpose use, working on laptop, eating food, cutting vegetables. and writing.
I believe it needs to be used with care, rough and tough use can easily damage it.  But for people who can use it carefully can opt for this product. 

  1. Working on Laptop Computer - 7/10  (i would have given 10 if the top was larger in size)
  2. Eating food - 10/10
  3. Writing - 8/10 
  4. Value for Money - 7/10  ( i would have given 10/10 if i could get this at Rs 1500) 
Conclusion :
I liked Table Mate-II and would recommend it as a good buy for multi-purpose use, anyways remember it is not for rough use. I bought it from Telebuy at Rs 2,200/- which I feel is more costly- I recommed you to get it at a discounted price.

You can ask me anything before making a buying decision, I can help you with my opinion. Bye for now.

Should you Buy a Table Mate or Not? Reviewed by Gowardhan on 2/07/2015 12:12:00 AM Rating: 5

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Mehaa said...

Hi Gowardan, i think the table mate are just useless, i have brought one seems very low quality. Just broken in a week. I think the normal furniture tables are fine. Any ways thanks for the article. Good analysis. Telugu Film News

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