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Seen and Unseen Benefits of using a Air Frier

Traditional cooking culminates in the best and tasty food, but there is always one question that lingers in your mind—is the food healthy? With the increase in the number of diabetes and heart related diseases, traditional cooking methods have come under the scanner. Deep frying of food items would give you the best taste, but along with that it would also give you unwanted substances that may harm your body. Short term gains of traditional cooking are good taste and aroma, but the long term drawbacks can have a severe toll on the body. 

Kitchen experts have been striving hard to come up with innovative cooking methods and equipment that will make healthy food. In the recent years, the air frier has gained a lot of popularity as an alternative to deep frying. What is this air frier? What is the technology used? Does it really fry without oil? What are the benefits of air fryer? These are some of the questions that ponder in the minds of people who hear about the air frier for the first time.

Cooking Fish or Chicken Without Oil

The air frier is a simple concept in which food is cooked with the help of very hot air. Can you imagine cooking fish or chicken without oil—surely not—but here is an innovative device that can cook food without oil. The main use of oil in cooking is to attain a certain high temperature. With very hot air, that temperature is attained—so oil is not needed at all. What about the taste? Well, if you try out the air fried food, you will not make out the difference. Wouldn’t it food feel very dry? Yes, to an extent—however; a spoon full of oil can be added to attain the authentic oily taste. 

Retains Essential Nutrients of the Food

Wow! This is surely a fantastic way of cooking, but what about the nutrients? Will air frying retain the nutrients of the food? Yes, it will. When you look at some popular brands of air friers, you will find that most of them will emphasize on the nutrition retention facts of their air friers. Several tests have been done on the foods that have come out of the air friers and all of them are positive that the nutrients are not lost during cooking. 

Reduce the Cholesterol Intake

The biggest benefit of the air frier is on the cholesterol front. With deep frying there is a high chance of increasing the cholesterol levels in the body. Oils that are rich in bad cholesterol may add very good taste to the food, but in the long run they can have a negative impact on the body. With air friers there is no oil at all—so there is no chance of cholesterol intake and build-up. With the air frier, the homemaker can build a healthy home that will help in building a positive atmosphere. 

Cooking in Air Frier is Less Messy

Cooking in the air frier is less messy as there is no oil being used in the cooking. All you need is to put the ingredients in the tray and insert into the appliance. In just a few minutes, delicious and healthy food will be waiting for you.   
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