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Readitt Interesting & Useful Websites part 5

In our journey to explore great websites, We have started a series called "WOW" which means - Wonderful Websites, This is Part 5 , You may have look at Readitt Interesting Websites Part 3 too.

Today we are going to read about websites which convert any file online in a minute, a website which can find your old school photograph, a website which can help you find blood donors, a website which can rent mobile phones etc, keep reading and let us know if you liked this Interesting websites list.

Ilovefile is a interesting website which does all sorts of file conversions i.e you can convert a pdf file to jpeg or a mp3 to 3gp etc, the beauty of this website is the ability to do it instantly, you can literally convert any file online and download it instantly, That means everything in a matter of a minute's time.

This website is a interesting website which claims to have started in 1994 with 7 staff , now grown to 9000 staff in 136 different countries and will be able to find school photograph of any school, Out of curiosity I have tried this and found to be a prank, Yes I see a photo of 3 monkeys and this website claimed that I am the one in the middle. 
It is not a useful website, But seriously hilarious prank which you can try on your friends , All the best !!

Are you a person who tries to keep your own style, do things your way and choosy about whatever you purchase, then you may try this website where there are huge collections of different pendrives. there are pen drives in the shape of coco cola tin, a mickey mouse and a pistol and many more, But one thing is the pen drives listed here are available only on on, So Indian Consumers may not purchase them.

friends2support (Blood Donation website- India)
Friends to support is a great website, It gives you access to Volunteers in your vicinity who are ready to donate blood, Through this website you can simply enter the required blood group, state, district and city and you will be presented with the list of people along with their contact numbers. This website can prove to be a life saver, So it is on Our Wonderful Websites list.

You may get a doubt if this website will really work? don't worry man it will work I have verified and it is authentic and you can see the testimonials here

irentshare (A renting website in India)
olx has become really popular with "Sell Anything" For irentshare the tagline must be "Rent Anyhing" irentshare is relatively a new website with a real interesting concept of renting a book , Air Conditioner, a Guitar, a Bicycle and even a mobile. It's really a cool concept,

You need to pay a security deposit in-order to rent a item. Some of the items do not ask for any rent , you just need to pay the security deposit. I found it interesting , what about you? (Indian Actresses bio data website)
Actress Profiles is a interesting website which features profiles of Indian Actresses each profile includes vital statistics like height weight, figure, complexion, dob, zodiac sign etc along with some brief about their personal life and their professional life and not but the least every profile includes sizzling hot photo gallery of these Indian Actresses. (women safety website)
Delhi Rape incident has really left the whole nation in shock, Many initiatives has come up to protect women after that, But I came across this website safecity which has really interesting concept, They are asking women to report sexual abuse faced by them , the same is being tracked on google maps, giving a fair idea of which areas are more vulnerable to this type of attacks. You can even request for alerts, i,e if you input andheri in mumbai, you will be sent an email when any sexual abuse incident is reported in the near by area.

I really like this concept and salute hthis two women Surya and Marie for this great initiative. (facebook cheating stories website)
Facebook is a part of every ones life, So it continues to be a part of your success, failure and even betrayal. Some people get cheated through face book, Some people come to know they are being cheated through facebook and some others come to know the cheating story of others through facebook. So Facebook cheating needs a website, Don't you think so? Yes There is a website which talks about Facebook cheatings.

Did you like the list? Please do let us now. Meet you back in Readitt Interesting Websites part -5

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