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Good Bye 2014, The Year of Change for India

Indian has seen a unique 2014, The year 2014 can be mentioned as a year of change seriously, As it Started with Narendra Modi emerging as a Prime Minister who himselves is a man of change, protest called Kiss of Love has taken place which indicates a change in the Indian mindset, Sunny leone was the most searched star on Google India which again symbolises that people started changing & getting bolder and broader to accept a porn star as a Bollywood actress and launch of Iphone 6 in India is one change every gadget geek would welcome. Come Lets Explore the Important Events of 2014 ...!!!


01. Narendra Modi (the man of change) has become the Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi coming into rule in India is the most prominent thing which happened in India in 2014, The buzz started when BJP declared Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister Candidate. The way he handled the Election Campaigns and made the way to the PM Chair Single handedly  Undoubtedly Modi winning the Elections is the Most Fortunate Event of 2014 in India.

02.Kailash Satyarthi has won the Nobel Prize for Peace 2014
Nobel prize won by Kailash Satyarthi An Indian has received the most prestigious Nobel prize for peace . His Active involvement in Protecting Children Rights, He has done remarkable work to fight against child labour. Though he has won more than 10 international awards before he won the Nobel prize,  Its Really is a amazing feeling for all of us to see an Indian win a Nobel prize in 2014.

03.Many Bollywood Stars got Married
Many Bolywood Marriages happened in 2014, But I would like to mention The Marriage of Rani Mukherjee with Aditya chopra on April 21, 2014. John Abrahim gets married to Priya Runchal  and The Hottie Sameera Reddy gets married to Akshay Varde (Bike Designer & Entrepreneur) . One thing which made news is Separation of Hrithik Roshan and Susaan 

04. Legendary Indian Actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao passed away
It is a undigestable fact that Legendary Actor ANR Passed away,This was a big blow to the telugu film Industry and even to All the people of Andhra Pradesh, ANR is a legendary Actor and very good human being. he passed away on Jan 22, 2014 at the age of  91  , ANR is an actor , a Gentleman, and a Cinematic Phenomenon, H was not just a Great Artist But a Wonderful human being too.

05.Formation of Telangana State 
Formation of Telangana is one more Historical Event of 2014, Though the Telenagana people were fighting from a long time, no one expected that Sonia Gandhi will declare State of Telangana all of a sudden. So it means Good Bye 2014 and welcome Telangana.Formation of Telangana is undoubtedly among the Most Important Event of India in 2014.

06.Kiss of Love 
Kiss of love is a non violent protest against moral policing, Youth of Kerala revolted against moral policing of people who took law into their hands, It is interesting to know how did this Kiss of Love protest Start.
  1.  In June 2014, a female theatre artiste and her male colleague were detained in police custody for travelling together at night, which stirred protests against moral policing on social media.
  2. In July 2013, police arrested a couple from a beach in Alappuzha for suspected “immoral activity” as the woman was not wearing any accessories to suggest that she was married.
  3. In April 2013, an artist from Kochi was harassed by two policewomen when she went for a stroll on Marine Drive with a male friend

It is believed that incidents such as above has paved the way for kiss of love protest,  This Kiss of love started when The kiss of love Facebook page called for the protest. And many activists have gathered at Marine Drive Cochin and started kissing in Public. To show that no law prohibits them from doing so. No one else should bother to interfere. Kiss of Love is one Revolutionary Event happened in 2014 in India which led to kiss of Love protest several other places India also.

07.Ice Bucket Challenge: Many Celebrities started uploading their videos on YouTube, which show them pouring a bucket of ice, you can find famous celebrities Abhishek Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Bipasha Basu,Sania Mirza etc, And You will find almost every famous personality taking this ice bucket challenge you can find videos on youtube.

Icebucket challenge is to spread awareness about disease called  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and encourage donations towards it. Whats interesting is India taking a different route to spread awareness, thanks to the technology and internet connectivity, 2014 means improved technology and spreading the word on social media. 

08.Hud Hud Cyclone
Cyclone Hud hud hit city of Visakhapatnam on October 12, 2014 with wind speeds of around 200km/hr and lasted for more than 24 hours.Though human loss was reduced due to Awareness created by Government, Property loss could not be avoided Visakhapatnam Airport was damaged heavily, More than 4 lakh trees feel down and more than 20000 electrical poles fell down the intensity of the Cyclone can be gauged by the loss it created. hud hud is one amongst Important event of 2014 in India.

09.Sunny Leone was the most searched Star on Google India

Porn Star turned Bollywood Actress has been a interesting topic for people to search on  Google. The sweet controversy of Indian mindset can be witnessed. Interesting thing is Sunny Leone has started acting in movies consistently , she even acted in few south Indian  movies, And you will be surprised to know she already acted in more than 20 films.

10.Actress and Taminadu Chief Minister jAYA Lalitha got arrested. 
Yes This was as surprising thing for the people of tamilandu, As she became a motherly figure in Tamilnadu and her Arrest created a lot of Outrage in Tamilnadu, So her Arrest makes it to the Important event of 2014 in India.

11.Zohra Sehgal , A Famous Indian Actress and  choreographer died
 Zohra Sehgal , A Famous Indian Actress and  choreographer died at the age of 102 on July 10, 2014, Awards padmashri, padmabhushan and padmavibushan won bu her speaks volumes for her talent and capabilities, The year 2014 has lost a Lady who has seen two centuries.

12. Iphone launched in India for the first time.
Iphone 6 and IPhone 6+ has been launched  for the first time in the history of India. And one more interesting thing is the Iphone updating its screen sizes, That made it more crazier than ever. This indicates that India has grown to be one amongst Huge potential Market for Electronic gadgets Business. So Iphone launch is also One of Important events of 2014 in India.

13.Good Bye to Ambassador Car
Good bye to Ambassador Car of Hindustan has finally got retired when Hindustan Motors decided to stop the production of Ambassador which can be linked to a sweet memory in any ones life. With slowdown of demand for Ambassador cars, Hindustan Motors finally has taken the call as not more than 6000 cars are being sold per year 2000. Anyways we miss you Ambassador Good Bye 2014 - Good bye Ambassador.

14. I did not find anything more interesting to write ! Please suggest any important even which can be added to the list.

I Call 2014 as the Year of Change , Do you agree?

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Chetan Jadhav said...

perfect recap of the year and I agree with statement 2014 is a year of change

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