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facebook friend request from a beautiful girl, what next !

facebook friend request from a beautiful girl !! its only exclamatory mark most of the times and not a question mark, You may think you are really handsome so you got a friend request from a beautiful girl , Some guys will thank god,, and may emotionally say - God is there ! God is there! Most of the times guys do not doubt , they will accept the freind request and start chatting and day dreaming ..

facebook has become a part of every ones life, On an average a Facebook user has 130 friends and sending friend request and accepting friend requests is a common thing, But on late some news channels reported about facebook cheating which involved men who create a profile of young beautiful women and send freind requests to boys, start friendship with them and playing the game of love and aksing them money etc. 

See what happens generally in this type of facebook cheatings

Are you wondering now?? Is there this much at the back of a Facebook Friend request from a Beautiful Girl. Yes we need to be careful there are so many crimes which are being done through facebook. 

You will be surprised to Know that even there is a website called where only facebook cheating stories are published.

Please share any of your experiences or whatever you know on this subject in the comments section below.

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