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Give us Rs 10000 and Shop for Rs 12000 - Big Bazaar's Offer Worth or Not?

You might be going for shopping at Big Bazaar, The sales person over there recommended you to take a Big Bazaar Profit Club Card, You had not taken the card but was in a dilemma, If taking the big bazaar profit club card is a good decision or not ? Just like you I was also having a doubt and referred to the Big Bazaar Profit club card  Terms and Conditions, Found that its not a great choice for irregular Big Bazaar Buyers, Continue reading why it is not a great choice for most of us, It may only be good for people who shop at Big Bazaar every month.

Big Bazaar Profit Club Card Review

I guess you all know that we have to pay Rs100 for registration into Big Bazaar Profit Club Program, and pay rs 10000 to get Big Bazaar Profit Club Card. Big bazaar will add Rs 2000/- , So you can shop for Rs 12000 ,It looks as simple as that but in reality it is not that way. To Understand Lets Go through Terms and Conditions of Big Bazaar Profit Club Card

  1. Big Bazaar profit Club Card Members can use up to Rs 1000 per month, i.e you cannot use more than Rs 1000 per month from the card.
  2. Validity of the card is 18 months.
  3. You can use the bonus amount (Rs 2000) only after 10 months.
  4. Big Bazaar profit club card can be used for Shopping  at FVRL Stores of Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar or fbb – Fashion at Big Bazaar.
  5. You can get the refund after cancelling your big bazaar profit club card, You will get the amount left in your card excluding Rs 2000 bonus issued by Big Bazaar.
  6. If you loose the card you can contact your nearest Big Bazaar Outlet or update it at
  7. In case of loss of big bazaar profit club card, new card can be issued with a nominal fee of Rs 1000.

It is ok to have this card and understand that you are giving them Rs 10,000 before in hand and wait till 10 months to spend it, of course they are giving us a bonus of rs 2000 that means a 20 percent interest per annum.  Fixed deposit gives you around 10%  ,, hahaha that way it is fine. Good for regular visitors to Big Bazaar.

Don't think you can purchase the card today and come tomorrow with 4 friends, purchase a pair of jeans and tshirt make a bill of 12000, share the profit of Rs 500 is not going to happen..

This card is ideal for Big Bazaar Fans. Who shop regularly Shop at Big Bazaar.

Give us Rs 10000 and Shop for Rs 12000 - Big Bazaar's Offer Worth or Not? Reviewed by Gowardhan on 12/28/2014 09:10:00 PM Rating: 5

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