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Add Some Flirty Moments In Your Wedding Life

Lovers are fond of flirting with each other. Women wink, men try to hold a woman's hands. Girls give the seductive look and men flash their dazzling smiles. But do these things still matter even when you have tied the knot?

Most married couples stop flirting and being sweet when they get married. They think that since they are done with their wedding day, there is less time to be all flirtatious. Some also think that flirting might give your partner’s the wrong signal, when in fact you are too tired to do anything that night.

Why Flirting is Important for Married Couples
A good laugh together is healthy for your relationship. Playing with your wife or husband can build a stronger bond that can also help you know him even more. You do not have to be grumpy old married couples all throughout your life. This will bring out more excitement and your adventurous selves. Aside from the common and used up ways of flirting, here are some new and effective ways to get your love one's attention!

Note on the Mirror
Grab a lipstick and write a short sweet note on your dressing room mirror or on your bathroom mirror. Use a red lipstick to give a sexier feel. For bolder messages, you can even draw what you are going to do later.

Traffic Smooch
Whenever you are driving together and are stopped by a stoplight, you can sneak in a kiss to surprise him! It is the one of the oldest trick on the book but it never gets old! The small gestures of sweetness will always matter no matter how long you have been married. 15-second kiss is must everyday!

Codes to Pass the Message
Sometimes, you cannot help but tell your lover that he or she is so hot in the moment. Use a secret code phrase so you can say it in front of anybody, even in front of your kids or parents! Both of you will be the only ones who will know the real meaning of the phrase and it could bring out the excitement! Try some of these as codes:
Can you come with me to the laundry?
Are we due for an oil change already?
I need some drilling job done right now by the basement

A Good Night Surprise
Give him a good surprise before retiring to bed. The ladies may have surprised their husbands with sexy wedding night gowns during their honeymoons but the surprise does not have to end there. You can recreate your honeymoon whenever you please just by wearing different sexy wedding night gowns whenever you would like a steamy night with the beau!

Tease Him Often!
Whenever he is walking pass by you at home or in a place where there are few people, you can smack his butt as a tease! He will not only be surprised but he will also be hyped up and might play around as well. 

Lace, Mesh or None at All?
Ask your hubby what kind of panties would he want you to wear on that day or better yet, ask him if he wants you to wear anything underneath at all! The process of letting him choose alone will excite him so much that he would think it would be a treat of a lifetime! When he does choose a piece for you to wear, he will feel so happy knowing what you are wearing while the people around you will just wonder what both of you are smiling and laughing about!

Text Each Other!
If both of you have busy schedules, you can use the convenient way of text messaging to get short reminders through! But who says the messages has to be grocery lists and errands? You can text him short teasing quotes that can make him look forward to seeing you when he gets home.

These are only some of the ways that you can hype up your flirting ways even while you are married. You can be creative and spice things up for your husband whenever you like. It does not only make your relationship healthy but it also makes it more fun and memorable.

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