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South Indian Dosas Are No More South Indian !

Dosas – the one stop staple food, on an average a 25 year old would have had at least more than 2000 times in their life, yet it seems to be the most divine food when it’s from our very own tava and is also admired across the world for being the must try breakfast when one hits India. Let’s make a difference in the typical Dosas for a lip smacking time. Here are 10 types of Dosas one can try without a second thought! 

Want to try a royal touch to the traditional dosa? Here comes the Maharaja Dosa with a touch of crown on it with the dairy’s gift cheese and other ingredients that steps out the King in you! Let’s go through the Silk Route that brought Chinese traditions to picture with the fusion of spring rolls, with Chinese delight dosa – simply Chinese! Hey! But you don’t have a chopstick to taste! Adding advantage!

" South Indian Dosas are no more just south Indian, they have become a favourite break fast for many around the world "

Are you a fan of Chopsuey? – yeah baby! This one is just for you! Try the American Chopsuey Dosa and fall a prey to its wonderful taste! Yummmm is the only answer! Go for it!

Spice up your life with the best trials of Spicy dosa’s – Schezwan Dosa’s that’s red hot, top it all with any favorite topping though mushroom, capsicums and panneer top the list! – warning! You need a bottle of water handy! 

Here you go dieters and salad lovers, smack the snack with Salad Roast Dosas that comes with Russian salad, it can be altered according to taste, be it with corn or tomatoes or a mix of the favorite salad. Munch with the happy go lucky feel of not ditching your diet.

Do want to visit Mexico, but miss every year due to the world’s thinnest wallet in your pocket? Don’t worry here is Mexican Roast Dosa directly from the pans of mexico, turn a Mexican – it’s a real experience! Also don’t miss the Mexi Rola Dosa that comes with the Mexican stuffing burgered within the traditional Dosa. Both are significant! Visit to mexico is done, strike that way from your wish list with a smile. 

Don’t forget to try the non-vegan fillings with the Kheema Dosas that are desi Indian, especially from South India. It is found in every corner of the southern parts of India, which stands on top of the cliff for the animal within you! Next time when you visit south India, order this awesome variety dosa for a change and have the out of the world experience right away. The minced meat would rip your stomach off – spicy and tangy and totally non veggie! 

Try the awesome and wholesome Chettinad Dosa which is again a spicy difference to the traditional ones. It’s a complete southern style than anyone would love from very first bite. Rocket mysore Dosa Is a heart stealer that keeps the kids turn wild, it looks like a birthday cap! Gift the kid in you this awesome rocket dosa!

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