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Playing it My Way - Sachin's Autobiography

Playing it My way, I can surely say this is the time when millions of Cricket fans are awaiting for release of a book instead of waiting for a cricket match, Yes of course what will die hard fan of sachin do when he come s to know that Book written by Sachin about Sachin is going to be released !! He will eagerly wait wait and wait..

The Book "Playing it may way"  has been released in Mumbai in the presence of Senior cricketers, Sachin's former teammates, As every one shared how astonished and impressed all of them were with Sachin's incredible talent and love for the Game of Cricket. Nice chit chat with Anjali Tendulkar and his brother Sachin Tendulkar were also a part of this Book Launching Ceremony.

Sourav ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman were all sharing about the compassionate nature of Sachin and all the fun they had while playing together for Indian Team.

Playing it My Way - in sachin's words
"I knew that if I agreed to write my story, I would have to be completely honest, as that's the way I have always played the game and that would mean talking about a number of things I have not addressed in public before. So here I am, at the end of my final innings, having taken that last walk back to the pavilion, ready to recount as many incidents as I can remember since first picking up a cricket bat as a child in Mumbai thirty-five years ago." - Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin shared so many things which did not tell to the world on other ocassions like  the Ball tampering issue , Many defeats while he captained Indian Team,How he lost his confidence several times and gain it back .

Wait is over and Playing it My way Hard copy is available on at a price of Rs 584/- , and the kindle edition of Playing it My way costs around Rs 899 But you may have to wait for some time because this book is only available for Pre-order as of now.. And why not guys ,, Its sachin's book which will prove to be more crazier than Xiaomi Phone.

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