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Amazingly useful Plastic Food Bag Pouch Clip Sealer

Haldirams ka namkeen packet, lays ka potato chips packet, Maggi 4 pack or Oats Pack or a Britannia Biscuit packet whatever may be the item , All of us had the experience leaving them half consumed to the atmosphere just to see that they are not in eatable condition when we try to reach them again !! i will bet you all had experienced this type of problem many a time.

Some time ago I used to seal these plastic food bags with rubber bands and after some time I also used the clips which we use to hold the clothes , what not every one has their own story how they used to protect the food items in plastic bags. But recently I was shopping Groceries at a More Store and I came across Plastic Clips to seal the Food bags. They are highly practical and very easy to use.

Plastic food bag seal clip

Uses of Plastic Food bag Clip 

  1. Good item to seal the plastic bags with food items brought from grocery store. No need to twist bend and put upside down. Stop entry of air and small insects. Can  keep the food in safe condition for short period of time.
  2. Surprisingly useful. Store your opened pouches with masalas and other stuff without risk of spilling. No need to transfer contents into a bottle once pouches are cut open. Just-clip seal with these.
  3. A very practical and inexpensive solution for pouch sealing so the content remains safe and humidity free special in monsoon. Also useful for sealing powdered medicines.
  4. The sealing clip is great for keeping leftovers completely sealed, or for sealing food packs, cereal pack etc.
  5. Easy to use & reusable.
  6. Seal Bag Clip is suitable for clipping different kinds of plastic bags, milk powder bags, food bags, paper bags and so on.

You may find this in any local stores or may be you can try at  big bazaar or at a more outlet, Alternatively I have searched on the internet and they are available on some Online shopping websites like amazon and ebay also

Amazon price is Rs 175 for 18 piece set (click on the link below to purchase online)

18Pc 3 Different Size Plastic Food Snack Bag Pouch Clip Sealer for Keeping Food Fresh for Home Kitchen Camping (Multi Color)

Amazingly useful Plastic Food Bag Pouch Clip Sealer Reviewed by Gowardhan on 11/16/2014 11:13:00 PM Rating: 5


Pooja Mittal said...

these clips are a lifesaver, my kitchen is flooded with them

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Readitt said...

Yes pooja,
This plastic bag clips are really amazing

joyce said...

i would like to know whether this clips are available in chennai
if yes from where shall i get it ?
pls reply to me on
@Pooja Mittal@Readitt

Readitt said...

Hi joyce,
I am not sure, where you may find this plastic bag clips in Chennai, you can order them from Amazon, you can see the link above in the article which will take you to product page.
If you find them anywhere in Chennai please let us know

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