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Lucky6 Game, Getting Lucky has never been this Easy !

As a active Blogger , When I was browsing Indiblogger, I had found that they have introduced a fun game called Lucky6 available for both Android and IOS. I own a Android Phone and my next step was to download the game and start seeing what is it all about? I have used the lucky6 Android App and My first words about this game will be - " A fun, Easy Game that is free to play while you win cash and Luxury Holidays "

How this Game Lucky6 will be received in India ?
Lucky 6 is a interesting mind game, The people can play this game on sheer luck or with their knowledge about share market, Though the Percentage of Population in India who have knowledge about Share Market might not be more than 5-10 percentage, i guess this game will see a good response in India, Working class will find it interesting!! And People from State of Gujarat will make Lucky6 a Big Hit ,as The youth in Gujarat are crazy about Share Market, this simple game only takes a minute to participate. In fact Lucky 6 is more like a lottery game.

Ease of Use / Usability of The App
The interface of the App is very clean and navigation is butter smooth, no confusion at all, You just need to register with your email id once and create 5 digit numeric password and you hit the Activation link sent to your email and you are done. To play the game you go to Lucky 6 and select 6 brands you think will make it high in the stock market and submit and your ticket number will be registered and your ticket will be up for lottery, Getting Lucky has never been this easy, what do you say?

Few Screen shots of Lucky6

Following are my ratings about Luck6 Android App.
  1. Memory required - 34MB Little high - 8/10
  2. Availability - Not Available on Play store - 7/10
  3. User Interface - Very Clean - 10/10
  4. Sharing - Sharing is super easy - 10/10
  5. Interesting - Game is interesting and entertaining - 9/10

You can download Lucky6 Game for IOS or Android  from
size of the Game Lucky6 is just 34MB.

How the Game could Revolutionise lottery india?
Lottery in India does not have respect, it is seen as a act of stupidity and good for nothing, But This Game Lucky6 can actually increase respect to the word Lottery in India, Because intellectuals , the working class also will show interest in this game , Lucky6 can be a  Game for Intellectuals, the white collared, the no collared and the just collared. This Game has the potential to impact and revolutionize Lottery In India, in fact I am not surprised if this game simplifies Share Market Education in India.

What the unique aspects of the game are
I found this Lucky6 to be really unique because unlike other games where user need to wait for the game to load (you will finish playing lucky6 by the time other games load) , and afterwards keep swiping your fingers left right up down or tilt your phone either ways.. Its just a intellectual mind game, One amazing thing is that there will be a fair judgement as anyone can verify if the stocks they have chosen will perform well or not at the Share Market.

At Lucky 6 Sharing means caring for yourself
Yes at Lucky 6 If you invite a friend to play this game and he wins the jackpot, you straight away win 25% of what he has won for example he has 1lakh INR, you win 25 thousand INR. This way If you share about this game more means you care about yourselves more !!

Lucky6 Game, Getting Lucky has never been this Easy ! Reviewed by Gowardhan on 11/20/2014 12:19:00 AM Rating: 5

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