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How to hide Last Seen on Whatsapp ?

There are some real problems with technology, Now a days Anyone who uses a Android Phone are using Whatsapp and Facebook, It is really nice to be in touch with your buddies but at times it gets a tough task to answer every one and be good to every one. Even I came across a famous whatsapp joke " thank god last seen at its not like - Last seen with "

It happens many a times one of your friend complains you were online but you are not replying to me,, it happened to me, This is all due Last seen on Whatsapp !! , If you want to avoid people seeing when you were last seen on whatsapp it would be really nice, And  Fortunately it can be done easily with 6 simple steps.

How to disable or hide Last Seen On whatsapp

watch it in hd for best resolution

wasn't that easy !! Yes I think it is. But let me be sure and write in simple steps what you need to do to hide or disable last seen in whatsapp

  1. Open your whatsapp
  2. click the right corner 
  3. click on settings
  4. click on account
  5. click on privacy
  6. you can see it is checked as every one, make it to nobody
  7. And you are done.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Just have fun on whatsapp using it without last seen

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