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Ayush Sharma , The man who changed Arpita Khan to Arpita Sharma

Ayush Sharma, the guy who was smart enough to remove the “khan” suffixed behind Arpita’s name and replaced “Sharma” by tying knots to her, the sweet little sister of sallu bhai. Ayush is kinda very busy tweeting each and every - inch and hint of his life, no wonder that he is the talk of the town. 

Have you ever wondered what would Ayush do if he gets caught for driving rash or without a license? “Oh man! You know who my father is? And do you at least know who my grandpa is?” yeah! His collars are always raised for being the son of the himachal pradesh’s cabinet minister and grandson of former telecom minister – No wonder why Sallu Bhai arranged for the awesome traditional wedding in Hyderabad and a lavishing reception in Mumbai – A himachal sized wedding & A Gateway of prosperity filled reception! The Whole lot of Bollywood stars were found posting Selfies and groupies from the wedding spot! 

arpita and her husband ayush sharma

The media joined hands together to shower free service of photography and videos by keenly watching, clicking and penning every aspect of the wedding right the announcement. Starting from the secret behind the groom’s sherwani which was a gift from Hyderabadi clothiers with great affection till the return of the newlyweds to Mumbai after their honeymoon were published with pride. Of course the bits and pieces missing were posted in twitter by our very own Ayush! – Good job guys and umpteen likes for every post. 

The sweet gesture of the couple’s appearance in the event of Big Boss when Sallu bhai participated were tweeted across and aired with great TRP ratings. Arpita and her husband Ayush blushed about their confession of knowing  each other for about 3 years which turned out to be one such “stranger-friend-stranger again-friend again-love life- finally knots tied” array of relationship – one such Sallu’s age old movie isn’t it? They have a bunch of mutual friends whom they hang out with and are known to visit best restaurants in Mumbai often with reasons to celebrate a lavishing dinner.

Ayush being one such charming guy who blew 28 candles on his cake for the his recent birthday, can be very well used for “Gillette shaving gel” ad for his promising “you will like me for sure” looks showed keep interest in modeling and acting. This wedding is looked upon for throwing light on his career and 
interest! – All the very best to Arpita’s hubby

All we could wish the couple is a very happy married life and to have tweeting every picture clicked! Wishing good luck to Salman’s brother in law to give great movies in future as the right badges of being a star is already pinned across him. Way to go dear Ayush – you will be followed – “of course in twitter” gear up and give us great movies to talk about, we are done enough with your family, love life, wedding and the tweeted pictures from your honeymoon trip!! – see you soon on big screen!!

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Kavipriya Moorthy is based out of Chennai, India. She is an avid reader, writer and blogger who blogs at, she loves traveling and is working on her first novel that is expected to release next year. She scored an MBA degree and worked in IT organizations before she answered her call for passion and started off with polishing her writing skills. 

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