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Shampoo Bottle or Sachet ? which one is better ?

Are you puzzled every time you purchase Shampoo, Bottle or Sachet ? Then you are one amongst the many who get really confused as there are two things which are taken into consideration before purchasing a Shampoo, it may come as a surprise to you If I say that Sachets costs you less by 20 percent compared to Shampoo Bottles . 

Yes Sachets are Cheaper , For example Dove Hair Therapy Shampoo 650 ml costs Rs 405/- where as a 6.5 ml sachet costs you Rs 3/- . i.e 650 ml purchased in Sachets will cost you only Rs 300 , So a Savings of Rs 105/- and Approximate savings in percentage is 26.

Sachets have been launched long time ago just to encash the Market of Single time use, i.e in Hotels and For People who travel a lot was the target. But Later on the FMCG Brands realised that most of the Population in India cannot afford to Buy Shampoo Bottles , So they started selling Shampoos, Pickles, Soups, Hair Oil, Engine Oil and many more in the form of Sachets to explore the Bigger Market.

What are the Other Advantages of using Sachets ?
  1. When you want to try a new brand or a new product , Sachet may prove to be useful and worthy, because the chances are you may like the product or you may not, You don't need to buy a 500 ml shampoo bottle and regret later that It did not suit your hair.
  2. Duplicacy in Sachets is highly difficult,I mean to say duplicating in Bottles is more easy than to do it in Sachets.
  3. You can afford to have different varieties of Shampoos or other products.
  4. You can save around 20 percent of your money.

Convenience of Using
When it comes to Convenience , Using Shampoo Bottles is easy just pick the bottle and squeeze it out, But may sometimes lead to wastage when you squeeze out extra Shampoo. One thing you need to know is " It is good to dilute Hair Shampoo with water for avoiding damage to hair ".

Is Quality a worry?
Is the Quality of Shampoos in Sachets inferior to Shampoos in Bottles? Yes some of us have this Question , But As per me I don't think there is any such difference in the quality of product packed in whatever form.  If you differ from me I want to hear because there is no way to Authenticate it .

Please share your opinions in the comment Box Below.

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