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Narendra Modi's Seven Success Secrets

Narendra Modi Does not need introduction now, In Fact he has become a Role Model for Many of the Indians and People are listening to what he says and he has a unique style of Communicating with People, He believes he can address people publicly and that makes him more a Interesting Prime Minister. He is the only prime minister who is using social media effectively.

Modi was not made in a day , It took a long journey for him to be in the position which he is now,, It is not by luck he could make it possible,, There are years of Hard work and dedication behind his success, I want to introduce you to Seven Success Secrets of Narendra Modi,, Are you ready to learn the Namo Mantra

Take Initiative
Taking Initiative is Modi's Habit , His initiative to enter politics has started with serving Tea in RSS Office in His Early Political career to get a chance to meet Big People. This habit  has paved the path to his Successful Political Career, So Taking Initiative is a Important Characteristic Trait we all have to inculcate within ourselves

Being Able to Visualize The Consequences
Modi could visualize what he would become if he gets caught in Routine Family Drama and chosen not to Continue the Childhood Marriage and continued to focus completely on what he wants to be and being firm on he Decision he takes

Prioritize his work
We know most of the successful people say Prioritizing their work is very important , Modi follows this secret formula very well , One great capability of Modi is to be able to identify the work which can contribute to his success effectively and implement it. So it is important to WORK SMARTLY.

Win Win Situation
This is a famous formula used in the Corporate world, Modi had applied this formulae effectively in the Elections too this year, As you know How wonderfully Modi has balanced The senior Politicians in BJP and attributed the success of 2014 Elections to his team, After winning the Elections ,The Statement he made was,, " Modi looks Big because all The senior politicians made me sit on their Shoulders "

Try to Understand Others
Listening and Understanding others is a very important trait of Successful Leaders , Modi has this patience to listen to Others and the Ability to Understand People, Modi follows this strictly because he believes that if you try to understand others they will in turn try to understand you, Having a team which understands you is very important for any Leader to be Successful.

Try to take a decision which benefits All
Modi has played several roles in the last Election,, He had always thought how to add value to his Party and taken decisions in that direction. Exactly like a Head of a Family who thinks twice before taking any decision to benefit all the Family Members.

Improving yourself Everyday
This has come last on the list of Seven Success Secrets but In-fact this is the most important one in the list. Modi has embraced this Quality in him very well he talks about technology, he updates him-selves on all important matters, Thinks Globally . 

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