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How to Use Your First Android phone ! !

Got your first Android phone,,, all buzz,, but confused how to go ahead,certainly you would have heard that a lot can be done using a Android phone.but surely no ready guide to use. Today we will make sure you will understand how to use your first Android phone.

Android is a operating system specially crafted for mobile phones, most amazing thing about Android operating system is you can find millions of Android applications, the word applications may sound new to you, applications are just similar to softwares which you were familiar with computers, so let's come and know the 10 basic things about your  Android phone.

How to know your Android  phone

Know what is your operating system, because not all the operating systems support all Android applications, if you already know, no problem-  if not go to the seeing panel and you will see about phone after selecting  phone you will be able to see all the information about your phone like your Android version, imei no, model number and IP address

Google Play store

Your New Android Phone would have come preloaded with few applications like google search, gmail, google maps, facebook, whatsapp etc and few games may be, But you will love to install more Applications So you must know about Google Play store because all the Applications you need can be downloaded and installed from play store only, To use play store you need to have a google account / gmail account. One amazing thing here is once you have signed up you can install apps on your Android Phone by choosing to install on your computer screen also.


One good thing about your new Android Phone is the ability to show notifications on your home page, you can view the notifications by swyping down, But recieiving notifications for Forwarded messages on whatsapp can be distracting , So there is a option to customize which notifications to appear on your home screen, To turn off notifications for whatsapp you need to go to setings panel - APPS - Show Notifications , besides that there is a checkbox you need to uncheck it. Use this notifications feature smartly.

Battery is a worry

Battery draining is a worry for All the Android Users, you can see most of your friends looking for a charging point most of the times,, Following few things will help you manage your android phones battery 
  1. Screen will consume more than 50 % of your battery so just minimize screen brightness.
  2. WiFi & Bluetooth can also consume more than 15% of the battery, if you are using WiFi then its ok to keep it on, But if you are not using it switch  them off 
  3. Turn off location detection, if it is turned on.
  4. Most effective way to save battery is to disable data, if you are not connected to internet all the apps stop syncing, it will save battery tremendously, So if not required disconnect your internet.

Be choosy to install applications

It may be very tempting install whatever Application you may come across on Google Play store, But be choosy just checkout following before you hit the install button
  1. Does a similar App exist already on your phone.
  2. Think about memory it occupies on your phone and the load it gives to your RAM
  3. Check the number of people who installed, rating and memory if it is a new app, if the average user rating is less than 4, I don't recommend you to install that App.
  4. If you have installed a new App, you are liking then it is better to uninstall the other alternative app which you are not using, i.e having whatsapp, we chat and line all at a time is not preferable !! what do you say ?

Settings panel

Your Android phone's setting panel will answer your all other questions like Sim card manager (dual sim), how to keep internet on or off , WiFi on or off, Bluetooth on or off, ringtone, notification sound, storing your pics and other stuff on sd card (external memory) etc. You can find almost every thing in your settings panel.

Backup can be done

You can set to backup your account details data and backup to your gmail, so that when you change your phone you can get all the data stored online back by entering your log in details.

Please let me know, If you want to know anything more tell me something more, just comment below.

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