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Russian X Ray Girl Natasha Demkina can do all medical tests just with her eyes

Natasha Demkina is a Russian Girl born in 1987, She can see us,, But Most interesting part is that she can also see our bones, heart kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas etc and the most amazing thing about her X ray Eyes she also can see blocked arteries, fractured bones, tumours etc that means in single line She is a Human being who can do X Ray, CT Scan and MRI etc.

Does that sound unbelievable?? Yes it should sound unbelievable but it is true. Natasha's Parents discovered this thing about her Super Powerful Eyes at the age of 10 . When she used to scan the bodies of her relatives and neighbours and use to say about their body parts in her own terminology like relating kidneys to beans and arteries into pipes etc..  Natasha's mom was worried and consulted several doctors and Doctors have confirmed that she has got some super power. Natasha Demkina is a god gifted child.

As there was a lot of publicity about Natasha Demkina in the media for being able to medical diagnosis just by looking at people with her eyes,, she became very popular and Then the Russian Scientists challenged the powers of Natasha. Discovery channel had conducted a test to see if she really had Super Powers , During the test she could not answer all the questions correctly,, But It was proved and agreed by Discovery team that,, Natasha Demkina had some super natural powers. Discovery team said that out of 7 she could answer 4 questions correctly.

You can see Natasha Demkina to the right,, Don't think she can see you from the internet or computer,, she does not have that power, She can only scan people who are physically present before her. 

Of Late She visited Tokyo Electrical University in Japan and demonstrated few cases in which one person had a knee injury , one was having undulating spinal curvature and one women who was in early stage of pregnancy.

There are many critics who do not acknowledge the super powers of demkina but there are also people who are against the way Dicovery channel had conducted tests on Demkina for the tv Show the Girl with The X Ray Eyes. 

Natasha Demkina Discovery Test video

We cannot simply ignore these type of human beings, infact there are many humans who have these type of super powers in this world,, we will come back to you soon with one more super human next time.

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