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Purna Malavath becomes the Youngest Woman to Climb Mount Everest

Records are set to be breaked, And Finally the day has come when the Record for " Youngest women to climb Mount Everest Broke" It is Malavath Purna a 13 year 11 month old from Nizamabad -Andra Pradesh - India had Climbed Mount Everest on 25th May 2014 along with Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar , A 19 year old Boy from Khammam - Andhra Pradesh - India . Purna and Anand Kumar are students of Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Educational Society. 

Purna and Anand were lucky enough to get a chance to Climb the Mount Everest as a part of Society's Initiative to promote excellence. Purna's father is a Agricultural worker and Anand's Father is a Cycle Mechanic. Never ever in the dreams they would have thought " They would be on top of the world one day" To pay respect to their Tribal community They had pitched Indian National Flag and also the flag of  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar who had worked for upliftment of scheduled casts in India from the time of Independence.

Initially Malavath Purna's Parents were reluctant about this, but The Organizers have convinced them to accept and Allow Purna to climb the Mount Everest at a Tender age of 13 years.. A total of 20 students received training from Prestigious Darjeeling Mountaineering Institute. and Finally Anand and Purna were chosen for this Task. Andhra Government had allotted rs 68 lakhs for this task from SC & ST Funds.

Purna and Anand started their journey to conquer the Mount Everest on 10th April with 20 kg weight of Protective Clothing and other Equipment and while they are half way to Mount Everest, One of Snow Mountain near to Nepal has collapsed which resulted in death of 16 people. But that did not shatter the confidence of these Andhra Dynamites who are destined to win, win and win.

At one point of time Purna was not able to take the packaged food and her coach decided to take her back,, But she did not agree to that said I am destined to be at the top of the world and she did it. Though more than 65 people had started to climb the Mount Everest less than 10 people could make it,,as it was full of hurdles.

When Interviewed about her Ambitions, Purna told " I want to be an IAS Officer  and serve the Nation. It is much easy to become a IAS than to be on the top of the world. 

I would also like to share with you few more Interesting records associated with  Mount Everest.
  1. Person who stayed for longest time on Mt Everest  is Babu Chiri Shirpa from Nepal, He stayed for 21 hours.
  2. Youngest Person to climb Mount Everest is Jordan Romero, A American Boy who had climbed Mount Everest on May 23, 2013.
  3. Oldest person to climb Mt Everest is Yuichira Miura from Japan at the age of 80 years 224 days.
  4. Persons who have climbed the Mount Everest for the first time are Edmund Hillary from Newzealand and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal on May 29, 1953.
  5. Most interesting of All is two People have married on Mount Everest, They are Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati from Nepal, This Wedding can be described as ""Wedding on top of the world""
This is a proud moment for All the Indians and especially for People from Andhra !! . Lets hope and wish Malavth Purna shall get to greater heights in her life. 

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