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Review of my 1.5 year Old Symphony Storme 70 I Air Cooler

Its Summer Time !! who ever you talk - just say -- so hot-- so hot-- isn't it? Yeah summer is in full swing and we all look for good means to cool our homes, Most of you have A.C's in the bedroom but when it comes to hall or kitchen it is difficult to have Air conditioners over there. So I have chosen to have Air Cooler to cool my Hall One year ago. I was planning to buy a Cooler for Rs 3000 to 4000 but when I visited several shops I came across Symphony Storme 70 I but the price of the Cooler is too high it was costing Rs 11,000.

But I was really fascinated by its looks and I could not resist any more and decided to buy this Cooler, Firstly what You notice is the Tall structure of the cooler which resembles Tower AC'S and the digital panel which enhances the looks and elegance and after using it for more than 1 year I can say its powerful Al round Cooling is Appreciable.

One thing I disliked is the noise it produces as the fan speed increases, Although the other coolers do make noise, You expect bit of less sound from this beauty ,, because it just looks like an AC. Most of the times people visited my home would ask is it an AC??  when they see my wife operating it with a remote Control.

Symphony Storme 70 I Review - Positive Points

Looks : Looks like an AC, It really adds glamour to your house.

Cooling : Powerful cooling even in very big Halls , You can easily feel the air blowing even if you are at 30 feet away from the Cooler.

Remote Control : Ease of operating with the help of Remote control.

Digital Panel : Digital panel enhances the overall look.

Power Consumption : Power consumption of only 425 watts, helps reduce your running costs.

Pedestals : You can easily move the Cooler due its light weight and the wheels mounted at the base. You do not need a stand to move the cooler. 

Advantage over other Coolers: Advantage over other Coolers is, It cools the room effectively even when placed in the room, Where as the conventional coolers cannot cool effectively if kept inside the room.

Negative Points

Noise : Noise is more, It is manageable to watch TV in fan speed of 1 or 2 , but the noise increases as you increase the speed up to 7. But Generally 1 or 2 fan speed is good enough to cool small rooms.

Over Powered for small Rooms : Not a good choice for small rooms.  

My Recommendation

I recommend this Symphony Storme 70I Air Cooler because of all the positives I have mentioned above and since I have been using this cooler since 1.5 years , My confidence level has increased more. 

Review of my 1.5 year Old Symphony Storme 70 I Air Cooler Reviewed by Gowardhan on 5/23/2014 11:15:00 PM Rating: 5

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