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Nissan's Self Cleaning Car will be launched in Europe

For Most of us Cleaning the car is a boring task,, when you want to sleep more on Sunday Morning, But Your Dirty car comes as a nightmare and wake you up, so that you end up cleaning your car early morning in the Sunday,, I also felt the same like you,, What if Your car is cleaned automatically!! Sounds Crazy !! na ,, Yes it sounds crazy But in course of time Things which were thought impossible were All Made Possible, So to make your Dream Come true, Japan Car Making Company Nissan has something in the store.

Nissan is now just experimenting on a concept called " Self Cleaning Car " This car is painted with a Special Protection Coat which is hydrophobic and oleo phobic which is engineered and designed by Ultratech and this technology is named -Ultra Ever Dry-, which repels water, paint and dust as a result your car does not catch dust and dirt. What a feeling it is!!

As per Nissan This car Nissan Note will be first launched in Europe and Nissan will provide this Self cleaning car feature in Nissan Note as a Optional one. 

I see things are changing a lot in the recent past Nissan had come with a concept of self healing paint where in The paint flows automatically to heal any scratch ,i.e if the car gets scratched the paint will flow into the scratched area, with google coming up with driver-less cars and some of the cars are already Toyota, Ford and BMW had launched cars that perform auto parking, Nissan's Self cleaning technology is too good and relaxing, But let us see if The longevity of the Special coating is same as that of the normal coatings and what will be the Painting expense when compared to normal Car Painting. 

Following is a video which demonstrates the self cleaning Feature of Nissan Note.

That's amazing naa!!,, what do you say.. Technology will make us lazy and crazy,, Lot's happening over in the Automotive Market. Let us see when will Nissan bring this  Self cleaning Car to India.
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