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7 Mistakes You are Doing on Facebook !

Mobile Phone has become a part of your body and Facebook has become a part of your soul,, Yes,, now we can't imagine life without a Mobile Phone or a Life without Facebook. As most of us regularly use Facebook just for commenting on the cricket match going on, updating our place or sharing a casual snap of you or may be a status of how you are feeling right now!!

At times we don't realise how far does anything we post on Facebook goes or can go,, It happens Many a time that Your boss or your distant relative is on your Facebook friends list.. A late night party pic ,, or the like you clicked on sunny Leone's pic may initiate problems. So let us see how to avoid these 7 mistakes you are doing on Facebook ???

Updating your Facebook Status to Public !!

If you update your facebook status to public, Your status will be visible to All your friends, Freinds of Friends, So whenever you are writing something think carefully and share , because you have sevral options like sharing it to public, Friends, or to a few friends you prefer to share,, This is feature is particularly useful when sharing pics,, Don't do the mistake of sharing your too personal pics to public. 

liking a pic instead of commenting !!

Most of us click a like on the pic shared by your friend, by liking on the pic This pic will be shared with every one in your friends list -- This pic or the person in the pic might be irrelevant to most of your friends,, I believe instead of liking, commenting on the pic is a better option.

Making your Photo Albums public !!

While adding a photo Album you can define whom do you want to share this with -- Only Friends ,, Or only a list of people or just one or two of your best friends.. This way you can restrict the number of people who can view your photos,, Girls should take advantage of this feature.

Avoid adding your Boss !!

Most of us tend to add our bosses as our facebook friend ,It is better to avoid adding your Boss as your facebook friend!! Because at times we tend to share jokes on boss in facebook or leave comments on boss or our company which may be taken seriously so it is better to avoid adding people with whom you want to be more formal .

Never comment on about your company or anyone in public

Never ever use Facebook to relieve your frustration on your job, company or any one whom you don't like.. You may also have come across cases like some of the young girls and boys were arrested for commenting on political leaders. "" don't think what you are writing is just with you it goes onnn"" 

Never ever like anything which looks Offensive

I mean to say don't even like any message or picture which is meant to criticise or create a wrong opinion or cause damage to the public reputation of that person or a party etc.. 

Reply to your Friends Messages

Now a days we have gone so far and ahead , we post status messages like " I am at a movie"" "" enjoying at beach "" " liking this weather "' but most of us are failing to reply to facebook chat messages>> I think it is important to reply to the messages ,, if not what is the meaning of freindship,, "" Reply late -- its ok.. but reply for sure..

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