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10 Most Useful Android Applications 2014

You have got your android phone and busy experimenting with new Applications to see weather they work for you or not. Let me start the new year with a bang,, by recommending you some amazing Android Applications which will be a part of your life from this new year 2014. 

Today I am talking about a Android Application which can protect women from rape, a Android App which reminds you about things based on location, A android App which helps you read all famous Indian Newspapers at one place and A application which allows you to watch cricket live. The Following Android Applications are useful to almost everyone of us, Please add more to the list by telling about any Android Application you like

All the Android Applications mentioned below are free of cost and can be downloaded from google play (you need to login with your gmail id) to download these Apps to your Android mobile

Google keep (android app for reminders)

(Avg rating -4.5/5 , Memory - 2.9MB, OS- android 4.0 & up)
Setting reminders about grocery items or about a important meeting you should not miss or a reminder about a task you need to do on time.. I am using this app from past 3 months and I really love this free Android App from google, setting reminders is very easy and most of the times I just use it to share any important info which can be searched easily. Glory of Google keep comes with its location based reminders, where in you can set a reminder based on location and Google keep will remind you when you reach that location ,, Amazing naa.. 

You can even record voice notes just speaking into it, you can also take a snap and write few notes and share it across applications or keep it for your records. Many more uses of Google Keep and I will say " You cannot keep many things with you ,, if you don't have Google Keep "

Dolphin Browser (best android browser)

(avg user rating - 4.6/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
Most advanced Browser for Android I would personally recommend everyone, Browsing has become more effortless on my Galaxy Grand. It is fast and responsive, Some of the features I like about Dolphin Browser are Tabbed browsing, incognito mode, Gesture browse your favourite websites etc. I don't need to Tell you much, 80 million users for this Android Application just speak for it

Newshunt (android app for newspapers)

(avg user rating - 4.5, memory - 3.3MB, OS - android 1.6 & up )
Initially I have downloaded Times of India App, Hindu App and Eenadu News Paper App separately and when I came across Newshunt I was doubtful about its navigation and functionality, But had given it a try and it just took me two days to delete all other news paper apps because Newshunt provides 85 National / Regional Newspapers. As a bonus you can even search jobs from popular Indian Job Search sites

reduce photo size (android app to reduce photo size )

(avg user rating - 4.3/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
Many a times I felt the need to reduce size of the image in-order to share it across easily using my mobile data (which is slow) My 5Mega Pixel camera takes images of avg size 1.2 MB and this Android Application reduce the image size by 10 times.  I guess you all want to reduce your photo size for easy sharing,, This App is on the list of  Must Have Android Apps -2014

imo (android app for chat )

(avg user rating - 4.4/5, memory - 8.4MB, OS - android 4.0 & up )
I personally have 3 gmail ids, one yahoo messenger id, one Facebook id, I would like to have all the contacts at one place so that I can chat with all in one window,, imo just meets my purpose so well. If chatting with friends is your hobby, imo can keep you well organised, Video chatting is even possible. 

me against rape  (anti rape android app)

(avg user rating - 4.0/5, memory - 2.0MB, OS - android 2.1 & up )
Crimes against women has increased a lot, what if every women carries a weapon with her all the time,, And what sort of weapon?? your mobile is your weapon,, yes this android app " me against rape " makes your mobile phone a weapon to fight against Rape. following are the important features of this android application

avg antivirus (android app for antivirus)

(avg user rating - 4.5/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
Anti virus is important for your Android phone too,, when we are accessing internet  we are vulnerable to certain and uncertain risks like virus, malware, spam etc. avg antivirus is completely free and light on your android mobile phone . it warns you against spam sms messages, malicious Android Apps which steals your personal information or attack your mobile phone. safety is first-- So avg antivirus is a must have android app.

dropbox (android app for sharing files)

(avg user rating - 4.5/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
As the name itself indicates,, it is just about dropping a excel sheet, a family snap or a pdf document in a box , but the difference is the file will be available on your mobile phone, your desktop, laptop or a tablet. I will tell a instance where I used this to purchase a Saree for my mother, I went to a shop and clicked the snap of a Saree and asked my mother to open my desktop computer and click on drop box (image clicked on my android phone is now available on my home pc) my mom and dad could see the Saree and I could get the Saree of her choice first time !!! Most important thing is you need to have good Internet connectivity-- if not drop box is not effective.

indian tv live (android app for watching live cricket)

(avg user rating - 4.2/5, memory - 489KB, OS - android 2.1 & up )
I have downloaded this Android App for watching cricket live on my Galaxy Grand , it works perfectly, I did not try other channels but I believe this is a great app to watch tv on the go for free. Most of the tv Apps require flashplayer but Indian Live tv app does not require flash player. try it one and it while be on your must have list

talking ginger  (android app for kids)

(avg user rating - 4.6/5, memory - variable, OS - android 2.2 & up )
I have been seeing a airtel advertisement in tv " jab jindagi sataaye, manoranjan hi bachaaye " This holds true fro this talking ginger app also because this is incredibly entertaining, It just imitates you so well , even it hears you from a distance, I have kept my phone once near the tv and I had fun hearing the advertisements and songs also from the naughty cat. Kids will love this app too much

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