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Indian Painting which was sold for Rs 9.63 Crore

Most of the times I have come across situations where,, Tea or coffee spill on your white shirt makes a design or art and we just say it as modern art and speak about selling it for Lakhs of Rupees,, Jokes apart but There is lot of craze for Art around the Globe, But I was Surprised to see a interview on NDTV with Tayyab Mehta who happens to be a Great Indian Painter. One of his Paintings " Falling Figure with Bird " sold for Rs 9.63 Crores. 

Don't be surprised,, The worlds costliest painting (named Card Players) is 250 million dollars. Painter was Paul Cezanne this painting was purchased by State of Qatar.

Most of these Costliest Paintings are Auctioned On-line through websites like Christies and Sothebys . Cost of Art is invaluable, The Auctions and Price paid for buying these Paintings prove that.

Coming to the Painting "Falling Figure with Bird" made by Tayyab Mehta, This painting illustrates A Falling Bird (Theme is bit difficult to understand and explain) Perhaps this Painting has its origin from the crime witnessed by Tayyab Mehta 

Tayyab Mehta is a well known Indian Artist who has several great Paintings to his credit, he was born in Gujarat in 1925 and died in 2009 (mumbai). Surprising thing is he lost vision one eye and other eye has only partial vision before he died in 2009.

He was not after fame and money and would always use to paint about his times pre-Independence.  Apart From Tayyab Mehta Painting of MF Hussain also got great Popularity and Price. 

This type of Great Artists stand as a Inspiration to the newcomers. Long live Art and Long live India. After reading this I hope atleast You will not discourage your children from taking up Painting as a Career.

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