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Sachins Retirement Speech at Wankhede Stadium video

Its really difficult to imagine cricket without Sachin, I still remember those days when most of us used to switch off the TV when Sachin Gets out!! He is a legendary Cricketer game of Cricket has ever seen and most probably would ever see in future. 

As we all Know that the time has come for his retirement it is really difficult to digest for All the fans like us and of course to all the Cricket Lovers. Can you imagine what might be going on With Sachin who loved the game so much at this moment of retirement. 

It's difficult to speculate His emotions and feelings,, Rather easy to watch him speak about his Retirement from The only thing which he knows "" Play Cricket, Eat Cricket & Sleep Cricket"

Sachin's Retirement Speech Video (Wankhede Stadium)

Watch from 10:00 minutes to see Sachin speaking

Sachins Retirement Speech at Wankhede Stadium video Reviewed by Gowardhan on 11/16/2013 02:39:00 PM Rating: 5


Uma said...

What a great and emotional speech by Sachin! Thanks for sharing the video :)

Readitt said...

Yeah, I could not control my tears,, and let him goo

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