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How to Get Motivation for Losing Weight?

Going Through Our Diwali Snaps,, Happy moments ,, But with extra weight !! Yeah I mean It,, Because I too look fat in My diwali Snaps,, This made me think Seriously about loosing weight. Are You Looking Fat in Your Diwali Photos? But lack the motivation to start a Exercise Routine!! But why do we people lack motivation to keep ourselves fit after marriage?  

Is it the typical Indian Attitude which Says  " Shaadi Hogaya na" 

But it is very important to understand gaining weight has something to do with your health seriously apart form making you look fat. So we need to see change in waist size to 34 from 32 to be a warning sign that our health is at risk,,, i.e we may be heading towards Blood Pressure & Diabetes. Its never than late Brothers and Sisters,, I decided to cut down that extra pounds to make myself fit and handsome. I am motivated enough to charge you do the same. Are you ready?

If you are ready to take the the road to weight loss, The first and the foremost exercise suggested by Experts is Walking. Walking 2 kms a day can help loosing weight fast. It is good to take preventive step and loose weight instead of Getting panic one day when you visit a doctor who says " B.P hiGH hogaya" ab exercise karna chaalu karoo,,, 

"" Hearing the word B.P or Diabetes from the doctor will surely make you depressed ""

By now you have decided to loose weight,, But the most important thing is to motivate yourselves at regular intervals let us see how to motivate Ourselves??

1. Purchase a weighing Machine and check your weight every week to motivate yourselves.

2. Read Articles and Magazines which talk about Weight loss.

3. Have a Partner who is also trying to loose weight, Partner may be your Spouse, A Friend or a Colleague.

4. Have a glance at your College photographs when your waist was 28 or 30. You may even go ahead one step and Get a poster size photo of you in your bedroom, when you were looking fit and slim.

5. Declare Your friends and Colleagues, You have started exercise. So that you may find a colleague or a friend who can motivate you and vice versa.

6. Be more social, Attend Parties and Functions,, So that you will have the urge to look more better

7. You HAVE TIME,, never say you don't have time,, ( We are getting fat and have time to eat but not for exercise) I bet ,, Early morning hours are the best for exercise.

8. Start with a simple exercise routine,, 2 km walking every day.

9, Don't worry If you break the routine,, restart and go,,... on.

10. Have control on your food habits, So that You can see the results exercise can give you. 

11. Purchase Good pair of Shoes, workout pants and tops which will further motivate you for exercise.

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