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Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Owners Review

I was using Samsung Monte for the last two years and bought a Samsung galaxy grand Quattro 2 months ago, so I thought of writing a review (owners review) of course to let you know what all the Quattro has to offer you.  

I was initially very much confused in choosing between grand duos and grand Quattro because duos was bigger in size and had a better camera but my decision to go for grand Quattro was influenced by  the quad core processor Quattro is powered with. Beyond  that I Was feeling more comfortable with the size 4.7" rather than the 5"display on grand duos which makes it bigger and bulky by 20 grams

On my first look I understood that the display of Quattro is crispy and clear when compared to grand duos, this is because both of them have the same resolution but the screen size of grand duos is bigger, This results in better picture quality of the screen Pixel density of Quattro is 198 ppi and 186ppi for Grand Duos

I use my phone more for browsing and social networking , the big size makes it easy for browsing, chatting, and even sending short emails when  compared to grand duos the phone is quick due to the quad core processor , games and applications respond faster. 

I was not able to handle the phone single handedly (all time ) being a person with smaller hands, but I guess people who are taller than me say 5'8" must be able to handle the Quattro single handedly

When it comes to listening music, I am not much happy as this phone does not play music extra ordinarily , On a scale of 10 ,I will give a 7 for sound quality. When it comes to sound out put it is more handicapped because it sounded just loud enough for a Room size of 12 x 15, Don't expect to play Music on Quattro and ask some one to dance ,, Because they will ask you to increase the volume when you are already on the highest possible volume.

When it comes to watching videos, the Quality is really good,, crispy clear and sharp, You can watch movies, songs, videos on you tube,, Sometimes I even use this for playing tv serial which was missed,, You will sense the advantage of having a Big Screen.

Coming to Camera, 5 Mega Pixel Camera is good at producing great snaps in day light, auto flash is a cool addition to the camera to help you capture better pictures in less light(especially indoors) But Don't expect take snaps in complete darkness,, this flash will not be able to help you. Camera is good enough but if you want a better camera You may consider Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos as it has 8MP camera and also capable of recording videos at 1080 pixel full hd resolution

When it comes to response Quattro is faster, It loads Applications faster, Importantly heavy applications like games can be enjoyed well on Grand Quattro,, I have played Temple run 2 .. It was smooth,, there was no problem at all. 

Comparing the expandable memory, Duos can swallow a 64GB and Quattro can only allow 32GB, you don't need more than 20GB for general use but if you want to take high resolution pictures and store them all on your sd card you may need memory. 

To conclude it, I would recommend Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro for People who want a phone that can fit perfectly into your hands and pockets. Big enough screen size for multimedia like movies, videos etc. Browsing and Communication like facebook,, email etc. Grand Quattro is value for money as very less phones with a Quad core processor are available in the market at that price. 

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Owners Review Reviewed by gowardhan on 10/07/2013 09:43:00 PM Rating: 5

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