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In Which Direction Should We Sleep ? Answer to question which was haunting me from childhood.

Raju sleep that side,, not this way ! shouted his grandmother,, Raju did not bother about this while he was young, but later on when he used to sleep keeping his head in north direction, he was feeling uneasy and had disturbed sleep,, so he started thinking "" if really there is a right direction to sleep?""

And imagine who is this Raju?, Raju is none other than you and me. yeah I mean to say most of us were through this situation.

Is it important to check out in which direction are you Sleeping ? This question must be bothering you for quite a long time,, mother saying keep your head to east while sleeping,, but why ? I guess no one would have given you proper explanation, in today's discussion we are going to clarify this and have a sound sleep to night.

I remember my Mother saying to sleep facing your head in east direction, But It is not necessary that you sleep facing east , in fact if you are in India it is strongly recommend not to sleep facing north,, yeah it is alright to sleep in any other direction except north,, this is not told by a purohit or pandit , there is completely a scientific reason behind this,,let us explore the reason behind this.

Blood vessels from heart to brain are very fine and Heart is located nearer to brain because pumping blood down the line is easy where as pumping blood against gravity is more difficult. So if One extra drop of blood in the direction of brain can cause Brain Hemorrhage, But this hemorrhages only cause minute damages in young and healthy people , where as in elderly people or people with weaker blood vessels cause Hemorrhages or paralytic strokes. 

Our Earth is governed by Magnetic forces, Earth's magnetic field is governed by its poles i.e north pole and south pole and the amount of iron present in the earth core and the iron particles in blood have some relation, Sleeping in northern direction, magnetic forces of earth will try to pull more blood towards your brain. 

So if you are in northern hemisphere you should not sleep facing your head in northern direction, India is on northern hemisphere. 


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