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You are missing something, If you don't have these Android apps !!

Bought a new Android Phone and not sure which applications to download and install on your phone, Firstly let me ask you a question " What are these Android Applications? " if you know,,, its ok.. If not-- lemme tell you. Android Applications are similar to the softwares on your computer which run on Operating system windows 7 or 8 and Android is a Operating system made for mobile devices. And Guess Who doesn't love to increase the functionality of their phones using these softwares called Android Applications,, 

Now let us see which Android Application you must have on your mobile and what are their features, Most of the Android phones come preloaded with Android Applications like Facebook, gtalk, gmail, youtube etc. 

Apart from the preloaded android apps you would have already heard about Facebook messenger, Opera mini web browser, whatsapp and MX Player. I dont need to elaborate the uses of the above Applications, In the today's list I am going to discuss about some great and highly useful android applications which are less known

Most Useful Android Applications 2013

SMS Blocker by Optinno 4.6 /5, memory - 3.6mb, requires android 2.1&up )
Are you tired of deleting unwanted sms on your inbox which gets full too often due to promotional messages from network providers or your ex boyfriend /girlfriend, whatever may be the reason to block sms, SMS Blocker works perfectly and even can block incoming calls from unwanted numbers. You can even block sms based on numbers, words or phrases , I am using this since 3 months and I liked it very much (Get sms blocker from google play )

Cam Scanner 4.6 /5, memory - 12mb, requires android 2.0 & up )
You know a camera and a scanner separately  But you may not be aware of this Cam scanner which uses your mobile phone camera to scan the documents, Camscanner is very useful and handy when it comes to scanning a visitng card, a bill or a office document just to access the information quickly or to send them through email as an attachment or convert them into pdf to edit the same. 

You will be surprised to know that there more than 50 million users who use camscanner, The premium version of cam scanner offers more functionalities

Applock 4.6 /5, memory - 1.9mb, requires android 2.2 & up )
When your colleague or a friend says nice phone ! and ask you to give the phone once,, it is dificult to say no and it is even more difficult to say dont look into your pictures or facebook messages,,, So it is better to lock them using a Applock, Applock is a great way to keep your personal things personal. 

You can set a 4 digit password, and it prompts you (or your friend) to enter the pass code when you try to open any application.

ixigo indian rail 4.6 /5, memory - 3.4mb, requires android 2.0.1 & up )
There are many Android Appications which help us get information about train arrival departure, pnr status, trains between stations etc but ixigo indian rail android application is the best one among all other applications, I have personally used almost all other Applications just to find that ixigo indian rail application is very fast and accurate. 

Clean Master 4.8 /5, memory - 6.1mb, requires android 2.1 & up )
You might be aware of CC Cleaner for your pc which clears temporary files and cache and make your pc faster and efficient , Similarly Clean Master also does the same task of cleaning temporary files and improve the speed and performance of your Android Phone. 

"" Clean Master is free memory booster app that clear cache, deletes junk files, free up ram and storage space ""

DU Battery Saver  ( 4.7 /5, memory - 3.3mb, requires android 2.1 & up )

When we are travelling in a train, most of the times we see our battery draining down rapidly and making us worry because we are all not fortunate enough to get working power points to charge them,, so in such situations battery saving proves to be a life saver, One such android application is DU Battery Saver 

After discovering DU Battery Saver, I was charging my mobile phone less by 50% that means I was able to save 50% of my battery,  with this Battery saver android app you can manage your battery by switching to preset modes or you can create your own mode.

for example, if your are a office going person you can create three profiles- travel, office and home, like in travel you may just like to hear songs ( then you may set mobile data off , screen brightness to 20% and screen off time to less than 15 seconds and save it as travel mode so you will save a lot of battery switching to this mode) and at home you just want to attend calls and recieve sms, so you can set a home mode. This makes DU Battery saver a must have android application ( Get DU Battery Saver on Google play )

All the Android Applications mentioned above are personally used by me and I have just shared my experience with, I will be more than happy to see your views and opinions and comments , Do share the article if you like it

You are missing something, If you don't have these Android apps !! Reviewed by Gowardhan on 10/17/2013 07:28:00 AM Rating: 5


Darshan Gajara said...

Efficient list. How about ES File Explorer?

Readitt said...

Yes Darshan Esfile explorer is also a very useful android app, in my next post most useful android apps 2015 i will mention it.
thank you for dropping by

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