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Future of Shopping, How will we shop in the year 2030.

I remember ordering a Digital Camera on Ebay some time ago in the year 2007, That was my first online purchase. It was fun experience receiving a camera with the help of few clicks on my laptop computer. Ebay was the only online shopping website I know at that time,, And in course of time many online shopping websites have popped up like pop corns, Online shopping is on great rise and competition from global players like Amazon and Other Indian Players like Jabong are creating ripples

Now a days when I want to purchase something I would prefer to buy it online, and also suggest my friends and associates to do online shopping because they are offering competitive price,, generally 10 percent lesser than the offline prices. wide variety and models to choose from,, this is a biggest plus point !! Many of the online shopping websites are now offering the customer to check the product after arrival return back to the delivery boy if they don't like. More payment options like " cash on delivery", EMI facility to afford more costly products,, All this is happening in less than 10 years after online shopping started in India , Imagine Shopping after 15 years or so,,, in 2030,, 

Will we be able to predict shopping after 17 years from now !! I guess it is highly difficult to do it,, but let us give it a try 

1) All the Offline shops will have online option too !!

2) Most of the manufacturers will directly sell them to customers.

3) Online shopping websites will have Offline Showcase Stores across country just to showcase and give the customer a better idea regarding appearance of the product.

4) Products listed on websites will have video descriptions and request a call , So that the representative will call you and clarify all the doubts you have regarding the product.

5)Most of us will customize our products like Mobile phones, laptops and all other stuff, I mean they are specially made for you. " Like the manufacturer talks to you regarding your lifestyle your purpose, location  etc (more than 50 details) to build what is meant for you which will lead to highest value of your money.

6) When it comes to clothing Online shopping websites will offer body statistics scanning (of course our computers will have sensors to scan human bodies) to get your vital body statistics to suggest you the best fit available with them for you,, so you will never end up giving your shirt to your brother or your pant to your father.

7) When you order one shirt they will send you ten,,, exactly the one you ordered, higher and lower sizes, few more similar designs.

8) laptop tablet and mobile- may convert into one--- a new hybrid device

9) laptops, mobiles and tablets may be sold on Road Side movable stores... side by bananas and vegetables.

10) We will be able to have international products shipped within 2 days at our door steps.

11) No product will be lost,, because we will have better developed RFID technology, tags attached will provide information about any item lost in shipping or transit or theft.. most of the companies in USA are already using RFID to maintain their stocks.

12) We will shop mostly on our Android Phone through Android Shopping Applications.

13) We will have shopping manager application which will store our history of year long purchases and reminds about purchasing things on time next year on wards.

14) We are already able to check the prices of products through extensions on our browser just like a Ebay India google chrome extension. This will become more smarter in future offering customized recommendations to our email id (( not spam,, definitely not)

15) we will not find a shop which will not accept credit card.

16) virtual cards,,will rule as security is high.

17) lot of variety,,, Fashion changes fast,, So the Mobile shops may offer customer the option to pay yearly premium to exchange your phone for new one, 6 times a year.. (i,e you will pay a fixed amount beginning of the year and you will choose the latest phone, and when a new model comes you can return the existing phone and get the new one,,, too crazyyy naa.. yeahh ,,But remember it is 2030 hope soo,, I can hear yesss,, from you.

18) You may order a life jacket ,, to your swimming pool,, If you get drowned in swimming pool (in course of learning swimming) from your water proof mobile phone.. !!!

These are my random thoughts and ideas about Shopping in the Year 2030 !! What do you think ,, Do share your views... bye for now.

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Farida Rizwan said...

It will be great shopping online if all this comes true.good luck.

Uma said...

The points you have depicted is neat and nice !I look forward to 2030 shopping :)

arvindpassey said...

just one question: do you really need to order anything you need? I thought you won them all through your charming blog posts! :)

Arvind Passey

Readitt said...

Thank you sir,

I am glad to receive appreciation from a wonderful writer like you

Saurabh Chawla said...

wonderful one :) looking forward to shopping in 20130 :) All the best :)

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