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6 Websites Which Pay You for playing games, Searching Internet and reading emails

Most of you might be wondering if earning money online is possible ? Even many of my friends were asking the same question, short answer is yes . Next Question is how much can you earn online ? short answer is Rs 50 to Rs 100 per hour. 

So to summarize it, if you can spend few hours every week you can make partial income might be Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per month depending on your efforts and time.

In this article we are listing out few websites which reward you with money for reading email, registering on websites, liking the facebook pages, playing games, playing quizzes, answering surveys and sending sms. if you have enough free time, a Internet connection a computer and strong will power to earn money online then you can make some extra income without any doubt. 

All the websites mentioned below are tested and tried by me. So I have put my honest opinion about all these websites which pay you for doing stuff. All the Best !

paisa live is the most successful and trustworthy program, which pays for reading email advertisements, registering on websites, liking facebook pages etc. It offers Rs 3 - Rs 6 per registration and up to rs 2 for reading a email advertisement etc. On an average an user gets more than 25 emails per day its up to you (more time you spend more money).

Pros : Best thing about pasialive is that on an average 50 - 100 tasks are available, if you have enough patience and are willing to work hard you can manage to get Rs 100 - 300 per day.

Cons: If you keep on registering for websites your email inbox can be full of promotional emails,  So it is advised that you use a different email to register for paisalive.


If you like to have some fun while earning money online, Then swagbucks is perhaps the right place. You will be paid to play games, search internet, Answering surveys and polls. swagbucks rewards you in the form of SB'S  (one SB = 40 paise / 0.07$). 

Good way to earn rewards at swagbucks is by creating polls, if you have some creative pinch, Then one poll ( one question and six options can earn your rs 40. 

You can get the rewards in the form of amazon gift cards, walmart gift cards, paypal money transfer etc. With Swagbucks you may not earn fast but, If you like playing games you will really enjoy swagbucks because there are good games to play and earn. ( register at swagbucks )

toluna pays you for answering surveys, It pays you approximately Rs 25 per survey which has 20-30 questions and takes 10 - 15 minutes. This is a clean way to earn money but the draw back is you may not get more than 2 surveys per day. But still it is recommended for people who enjoy answering surveys. ( Register for Toluna ).

hits4pay is also a website which pays you for reading advertisements, When you loginto your hits4pay account you will see paid ads section , where in you will be paid for clicking those ads, you may have to wait for 15 seconds before you get the credit, you will be paid $0.02 (1 rupee 20 paise) per ad.

Good thing is that you will get a signup bonus of $5 and you will be credited if the friend you referred joins hits4pay and you will also be paid a commission every time your friend reads emails

One bad thing is not many paid ads are available per day. i.e not more than 10 ads per day. so the scope of earning is less. 

But as it is a legitamate and genuine system, so you will surely earn revenue. 

Click here to ( Register for hits4pay )

Amulyam is an Indian website which offers free mobile recharge for playing quizzes, reading emails, rating polls, adding funny or inspirational pics. Though you may not earn much on amulyam but it is fun to answer contests and play quizzes. (signup for Amulyam)

123RF is a website which pays you money for uploading images, If you are a photographer (full time or partime) or photography is your hobby then, You can no doubt earn decent income sharing photos. let us see how ?

You upload pics on 123RF and when a user downloads or purchases your image you can recieve a commission ranging  between 30 to 60 %. that is a real big amount, Initially you need to submit 10 images (which needs to be approved 123RF), So make sure you read their guidelines before you submit images

If you have passion for photography, then you will definetly make it big with 123RF ( Become a contributor at 123RF )

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Mohammed Shafi said...

try and get 4 paisa for each sms you send and much more.....

Arbab said...

most of the website mentioned in blog is not live, one of the site I found where user can win money by playing games is

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