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Readitt Do you know part 4, Interesting Facts

Hi Friends, After a long time we are back with Do you Know - part-4. In this do you know part 4, you will know about a song which killed hundreds of people, A place where wax statues of bollywood stars are showcased, A strange fact about lokpall bill fighter Anna Hazare , how Koreans count their age and some more interesting things. 

Having Pet Dogs is illegal in this country !
I know about some people who have more than 5 pet dogs, But imagine a country where there are no pet dogs! I am telling you the truth, In Iceland having pet dogs is illegal. If you want to still have dogs you need to obtain permission from concerned authorities and also a no objection from the people who are going to reside around you. One more important thing is the owner of the dog should have a clean record,,, Government is so particular,, it does not want human beings to use dogs as watch dogs and humiliate them. 

Forgot your mobile no, How to find it ?
Forgot your mobile number, It happens particularly when you have more than one sim card and if if you keep roaming to other states,, If you forget just dial *1# and you will see a pop up displaying your forgotten mobile number, this technique works with most of the mobile networks. 

A song which killed hundreds of people
Do not think I am joking or fooling you,,, It is really true that A song " Gloomy Sunday" which was written by Rezsoe Seress (A hungarian Poet) who was desperate to become a famous poet composed this gloomy sunday song after a quarrel with his girl friend, this song has become infamous as many of the people who committed suicide linked themselves to his song as this song was too much depressing and soon Gloomy Sunday became the hungarian Suicide Song

Wax Statues of Bollywood Stars
Yes there is studio in London Named " Madame Tussauds " where wax statues of Bollywood stars are made and exhibited,, not only Bollywood stars, in fact there are wax statues of Hollywood stars and famous people from all over the world, you can see Wax statues of Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan and Madhuri Dixit. 

Anna Hazara has attempted suicide early in his life
Anna Hazare who has become famous all over India for his fight against Indian Government to bring jan lokpal bill into implementation, In his early life Anna Hazare sold flowers to earn a livelihood and has also worked in Indian Army as a Driver, One time in his life he did not felt there is a meaning of life and Anna Hazare had tried to commit suicide also 

Sea without waves
Yes imagine a sea without waves,,, Before you quickly ask me is it possible? Let me tell  you about Rameswaram Sea Beach which is shallow in nature without waves,, the reason behind not having waves is said that,, In the times of Ramayana, Lord Rama Prayed Sea God to reduce the waves to pave bridge to Srilanka, and is is believed Sea God had made the waves softer ,, so no big waves in Rameswaram Beach.

When You are in Korea your age is more by 1 or 2 years
Yes in Korea Your age will be more by 1 or 2 years, But you will ask me how,,, yeah let me explain it to you Koreans count their age, when a baby is born , age of the baby is counted as 1 year and the baby turns 2 after december 31st,,, it is so peculiar,, naa.. and they dont count the year against their birthdays,,, one more tinteresting thing is that on the first meetin people ask you your age. still confused !!  okkk just check out the formulae below

(this year - your birth year) + 1 = is your korean age. 

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