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Free Softwares can harm your Computer

What else is free with Free Softwares? Does that sound greedy,,, Yeah greedy of course, but not the greed of the user, I am here talking about the greed of the softwares which are offered for free but come with some terms and conditions.

Downloading free softwares is fun, but sometimes it can turnout to be frustrating because some free software available on Internet can harm your pc and pose a risk to your confidential information. I am not just scaring you about not to download free softwares.

I too love free softwares but it is important to understand the risks of downloading free softwares, We need to follow few tips to ensure the software installed is not going to harm you.

Many free softwares are generally developed to help publicize their other products which are sold at a price, in this type of offerings there will not be any risk, But some softwares are just made to steal confidential information from your pc like your bank account no's and passwords , Third category of softwares are softwares which will install tool bars along with your download which you may not require

1) Ensure Softwares you download are featured on Big websites like PC world,CNET or any other big website you believe.

2) Be attentive while installing software, watch out for the default opt in's like " make this your home page"  or  "" install this toolbar "". By being attentive you will avoid those unwanted tool bars and programs which load up on window start ups.

3) Use pop-up blocker and don't click on any links provided in the pop up window , these links may direct you to malicious softwares

4) Do not buy softwares which are mentioned in a email in your inbox. sometimes these softwares say they have run a free scan on your PC and found several bad sectors which need to be recovered. please don't panic  and just ignore this type of emails and also mark such emails as spam

5) Good antivirus software installed in your PC may also help you block these type of malicious softwares, So ensure to install a antivirus software, It is not necessary to purchase antivirus software, Free antivirus can also help you do the same

    I think now you are aware how to avoid installing malicious softwares. It is equally important you educate your family members and friends regarding the same to keep your PC safe. 

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