12 July, 2013

Car Service turns into Hilarious Comedy, Watch this fun video

By on 7/12/2013 02:10:00 PM

How would you react if the Car Service Representative says " We have filled one full tank petrol as bonus in your car " and the car you are using is a diesel car !! How annoying and disgusting it will be,, 

Mahatma Gandhi's famous saying " Customer is God " seems to be real when we see all the Big brands have Dedicated Customer Care to facilitate the customers and this also holds true with all the leading car manufacturers. 

But we understand how much care, customer care people are showing after watching  this video, This Video  I am sharing is one which appeared as an update of my friend on my facebook wall.

hope you enjoyed watching the video, just share it with your friends and have fun


Bhakti Sharma said...

Goo One Gowardhan

Readitt said...

yeahh enjoyed it a lot

Arun Prasath said...

That's funny :D Offer turns into a great Fight!

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