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5 Most Popular Festivals of Mauritius which draw foreign tourists

Mauritius takes its festivals seriously. The locals out there are religious and do not curb their enthusiasm during the joyous occasions. 

In fact, Mauritius tourism authority often receives brownie points for the great arrangements since some of the festivals often witness a surge in the number of tourists.

Here, let us take a sneak peek into the most popular festivals of this beach paradise:

Cavadee: Cavadee is a festival which enjoys a Tamil origin. Though it is quite spiritual, some of its practices are bizarre and physically extreme. Devotees pierce certain parts of their body with pointed needles and execute the rituals. The festival takes place during the months of January-February. Due to its extreme nature, it draws photographers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Maha Shivratree: If you hail from India, then you must already have heard of it, or even been a party to it. Maha Shivratree is a festival organized in honor of Lord Shiva. Mauritius is a Hindu-dominated island and hence this festival enjoys mammoth popularity. The customs are pretty much similar to what is followed in India. So, let’s move on to the next one!

Holi: Celebrated in the month of March, Holi is a fun-filled (and water-filled) festival where people gather on the streets and play with color and water. There is also a religious intonation to Holi, but more about that in some other article! Tourism in Mauritius receives an upswing during this season since tourists love to be a part of this colorful occasion.

Festival of the Dead: Observed by Christians, this festival is held in remembrance of the dead. Christians present their offerings to their dead departed relatives and communicate in silent languages.

Diwali: The entire Hindu community in Mauritius erupts into ecstasy during the month of October/November when the festival of Diwali is held. It is a symbolic festival which signifies the triumph of the good over the bad. Earthen lamps are lit and placed inside and outside the houses. People share sweets and dress up in new garments. 

About Author:
Manya Singh is photographer and solo traveller by hobby, travel blogger by passion and lifestyle writer by profession. At present she is responsible for managing holiday packages at WeAreHolidays.

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