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Readitt - Do You Know facts - Part 3

Hi Friends we are back with Do You Know Part3 as a part of our DYK series, I love to know new things which are interesting as well as useful, It is more of a pleasure sharing  interesting facts and knowledge.

1.Honey can last as long as 3000 years
Do you know honey can be stored for a long time with out refrigerating, Honey does not spoil it can stay well as long as 3000 years, pots of honey was found in Egyptian mahals.

2. Do you know what will happen if you enter your pin in reverse?
ATM will give a prompt " Pin you have entered is incorrect" But a email hoax is in circulation stating that, If you enter your pin in reverse order, Atm will deliver money but alerts the police so that they will reach the ATM immediately

3. Priyanka Chopra's Sister is also a cinema actress, Did you know this fact ? She is in fact highly educated girl having obtained Triple honours degree in business finance and economics,she worked as public relations consultant with Yash Raj Films before she became a bollywood actress

4. Do you know what your PAN number means? Most of you must be having pan no's but less people know what those alphabets and numbers mean? see the info graphic below regarding pan no

5. Are you from Delhi? Then I will ask you Delhi in India or Delhi in Newyork ? Don't be surprised because apart from Delhi, the capital of India there is one more Delhi in Newyork USA. 

6. Did you eat lemon which is sweet ? Don't think I am talking about orange , in fact about I am talking about Miracle berries which change the characteristics of your taste buds and make anything taste sweet, I mean to say If you consume miracle berries and eat chillies,, even they taste sweet, this effect will last up to 1 hour, interested to purchase these miracle berries

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