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Strawberry Nail Art tutorial by Vidhi

Strawberries are good for health and they are effective in reducing blood pressure but the strawberry nail art is good at increasing the heart pressure (pleasure) !! Yeah, I mean to say heart pleasure  of your boyfriend or hubby, This nail art looks so amazing, You can do it yourself, The tutorial is wonderfully explained by Vidhi Jobanputra. 

Things you will need for strawberry nail art:
1. Red nail polish (bright red shade)
4. Toothpick
5. Nail polish remover
5. Cotton bud
6. Top coat

Strawberry Nail Art (Do it Yourself tutorial)

Step One:  Clean your nails properly and Cover your entire nails with two coats of Bright red nail polish and Allow the polish to dry 

Step two: Take a toothpick, dip it in green nail polish and fill the base of your nail. Make small triangles going from the base towards the top (see picture).This will give the effect of leaves.2-3 triangles are enough depending on the size of your nail.

Step three: Take another toothpick and dip it in yellow polish. Make few small dots for the seeds. You may use black nail polish instead of yellow too...But i prefer yellow because it gives the perfect strawberry effect!

Step four: Apply top coat to make your strawberries shine and clean the cuticles and skin with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover. 

This Strawberry nail art goes best with any summer dress or printed dresses...

Vidhi Jobanputra is passionate about women's fashion and trends, She writes beauty tips and DIY Tutorials, at her blog , For more other amazing nail arts, skincare and beauty tips, visit

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