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Interesting Websites of the Week part 3

Hi friends welcome to Websites of the week Part3, We named this series as " WOW" hope you people liked it. Discovering interesting websites is an interesting journey, I feel excited sharing few interesting websites every week, If you missed our Websites of the week part1 and part2, you may go through them also


If you not only love playing games on ps3 but also are interested to know everything behind the games like its design and the people behind it up to an extent that you want to make a career in game designing or making then  Gamasutra is a great website, At Gamasutra they feature everything about games, expert opinions and also jobs related to gaming. (Find expert people on any subject)
Learnist brings together people who have expertise on any subject, just to give a example it may be english, it may be career, yoga, science. You will find literally many topics and topic experts sharing great information and teaching you how to do things.

Coursera (Place where you can learn courses freely)
Coursera is an amazing website where you can learn courses from world class faculty freely in your desired time, most amazing thing is there 3 million people registered here that means you have many companions to learn and share your experiences

India study channel is providing readers a platform to share heir opinions, expertise and knowledge to earn money and also you can earn by asking questions. If you    are good at writing articles you may also earn writing articles too

Indiancolleges is the most informative website about colleges in india literally on any course anywhere in India, there are lot of informative articles regarding colleges and careers. Good thing is most of these colleges are rated by students and the rating is also displayed which will help you take better decisions. There is also a answers section where you can get answers to your career related queries


Credila is a finacial services organization specialized in educational loans, Crdila is owned by HDFC Group, Unlike other financial services credila is exclusively meant for educational loans, they give loan approval before you get a admission which is generally critical thing.

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