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Most Interesting and Useful Websites Part - 4

This article is posted as a part of Our Ongoing series, Most Interesting and Useful Websites part -4 , In this part we are featuring the most interesting and useful Indian travel websites and blogs

Summer is going to come to an end soon and I know before the summer holidays are complete you want to go on a vacation(because your family wants to go !! ',') There are number of doubts about the place you are going to visit, good hotel to stay, where do i get the best food, how safe is the place etc. For this there are good number of websites and blogs which provide very honest information to let you have a happy vacation. In today's article we are featuring the top 10 websites regarding travel and tourism in India

I am not going to just list only famous travel websites in India, in fact the following list will consist of some of the not so popular but effective and useful travel websites which can be of great help to you.
makemytrip is a travel website which offers booking of hotels, trains and air tickets at reasonable costs. The best thing about this site is, it offers booking of rooms at innumerous hotels that means you have lot of choices (you may book a hotel room ranging from rs 400 to rs 13000) and the bonus is that you can read reviews of the hotels by real users
Lonely planet is one among the best travel websites in the world, lonely planet also provides very good info regarding places to visit in India like sight seeing, hotels, Restaurants , places to shop, guide to getting there etc are really good features of this travel website. good thing is the information is organized in such a way that you can easily search and read what you want to,  You may also view information related to almost any travel and tourism spot in India on Lonely planet is a subsidiary of which is one of the best travel website in the world which features the best hotels from every nook and corner of the world with the goodness of unbiased reviews by users which makes the experience really amazing. At trip you can find great hotels and reviews and one most interesting feature I have seen at this travel website is travel forums, in which lot of interesting things are discussed like,, cell phone network coverages, import export issues - foreign tourists,, dos and dont's at different tourist places etc.
This website is started by Shalu Sharma, She belongs to Bihar in India. Her website is a website which talks about travel tips to India, Her website content focuses on guiding foreign tourists and help them find best hotels, how to travel safely in India, and also mentions the price of the services offered in tourist places in India like taxi fare, hotel fare or the famous items sold in tourist places etc. You will find shalusharma's travel website extremely helpful. She also has a section on her website " Ask Shalu , where in you can straight away write a email to her asking your query"

This travel blog belongs to Aarti from Mumbai, She writes mostly about spiritual places in India, What I liked in her blog is the neutral tone and genuine advice. Her articles about tourist attractions are informative and interesting, she will tell you how to plan, how to reach, how to stay and how to be safe and how to get the best while you travel to the place, and even if you are interested to have a virtual tour, My Yatra Dairy is a good website to visit. 

This Travel Blog is run by Arun bhatt, who is a professional photographer, He writes good articles about tourist places in India and posts amazingly beautiful snaps which he had caught with his magical camera lenses, You can even purchase his photos which will remind you of the the place you visited. Arun's travel blog contains his ten years of travel episodes and experiences, Arun can show you the place more beautiful than what you have seen on your visit to that tourist spot

travel blog of an Indian Backpacker
Lakshmi, media professional and a traveller, She is good photographer and she posts exotic pictures and very good story narration,, I suggest you to read her articles regarding the place before you go there,, because she writes the articles very much in detail that a person reading her article will get curious to visit the place, and if your read her articles well you can be the guide for your team..

India untravelled
good website which gives you information as well as offers tour arrangements like accommodation and food,, but services are limited to few places which are amazing but less travelled,, that is why  they named it as India untravelled. If you had already travelled the famous destinations and want to try undiscovered tourist spots you may refer  this travel website

Anuradha Goyal Travels
The author writes her travel episodes so good and interesting,, You get involved into that while reading and literally feel like you being in that place,  she had travelled to 18 states in India and writes her own experiences , it is worth watching her blog too

My India Travel
Rajesh belongs to Bangalore but his blog and camera belongs to All India as he loves travelling and shares good information on tourist spots he had visited, Rajesh is also a shutterbug who catches the splendid moments and prints them on his website My India travel.

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very nice website gowardhan,.. im glad you liked my blog and honored that you ask to write a guest post . im deffinately interested....
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himanshu said...

I believe is also a good site deserving the list...

Readitt said...

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