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Readitt Do You Know Of The Week Part1

It is always interesting and enriching to know about new facts or news which are impactful and useful to us, So we thought of telling you few chicklets of Do You Know every week. The idea of launching a DYK section has aroused from the fact that I feel enriched and good after knowing a new thing, So thought of giving our readers also the same experience. Come Lets make our eyes big to read Do You Knows Of The Week

Tajmahal Made in Bangladesh !

Don't be surprised and ask me what are you talking, The World Famous Tajmahal is made in Agra in the rule of Shahjahan, But I am talking about one more Tajmahal which was built by Bangladeshi Film Director Ahsanullah Moni in Sonargaon in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It took 5 years and 250 crores to build this Tajmahal 

You Cannot Swim in Dead Sea

Don't think you will die if you swim in Dead Sea, In fact you can float on Dead sea you no need to swim, The density of the Dead Sea with is 1.24kg/ltr makes swimming impossible and Floating possible. 

Ajit Tendulkar wrote a Book about Sachin Tendulkar

We all know that the person behind the succes of The Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is his own Brother Ajit Tendulkar, But the thing most of us don't know is He also wrote a book about Sachin Tendulkar " Making of a Cricketer " Most of us don't know sachin's one more brother Nitin Tendulkar who works with Air India

In Hongkong a woman is allowed kill her cheating husband

That is hard to believe, But it is a fact Hongkong law says that A women who kills her husband if he is having a extra marital affair with an another women, But she cannot use  a weapon " Killing a Husband who cheats with Bare hands is not a crime in Hong kong " And the wife is allowed to kill the other women anyway

You need to wait for The Aeroplane to cross before you go ahead

Gibraltar International Airport in UK has a road across its runway, So when a Plane needs to take off Commuters travelling by road has to wait till it takes off and one more thing is at the end of the runway is Mediterrnean sea, This Airport is regarded as One among the most dangerous airports

Mallika Sherawat is married and Divorced 

The sizzling Bollywood queen Mallika Sherawat is married and divorced, It is bit surprising but after working as a Airhostess she got married to her Colleague but got divorced soon, I guess her passion to get famous with her beauty had led her to Bollywood while mentioning herself as Mallika, Her original name is Reema Lamba

Women can see more colours than men

This article was an Eye Opener as I used to have frequent arguments with my wife regarding Colours and recently I came to know Men and Women see Colours differently and some researches say that women see more shade of Blue, Green and Yellow

Hope you enjoyed reading DYK Part1, We will come with more interesting part2, If you want to tell about something interesting you know please share it through your comments

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