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Readitt Do You Know Of The Week Part 2

While discussing with my friends regarding name change of a train ticket, they were surprised as if " was such service really available? " Yeah it is available. Like wise there are many other facts which will leave you in surprise and asking us to write more such articles, So to do that again and again we have started series of articles on " Do You Know Of the Week " one week ago, You may also like to read our Do You know of the week Part1 before reading part2 

JRD TATA was the First Indian Pilot

Most of us know about Tata Group, The most reputed brand in India. The former Chairman of Tata Group J.R.D Tata is also known as revolutionary Industrialist But did you know that he is India's First Licensed Pilot

Women becomes wife of Her Husbands Brothers

We all talk about Draupadi in several instances who is wife of five brothers, This things are just not in the history books. This happens till date in villages near to Dehradun as a tradition called Polyandry where in the women becomes wife of all the brothers of her husband after her marriage with him. 

SOS Message can help you in emergency situations like rape

This SOS message is available on almost all the mobile phones, Let us assume a girl who is alone feels there is a threat of rape or she is kidnapped, she can sens a sos message from phone by pressing volume buttons (or as mentioned in the phone) Then the please save me message will go to the recipients you have set previously and if they call you back, The call will be automatically connected, That means if the phone is in your hands also they can listen what you talk, giving them a idea of where are you and the danger which came to you, so you may be saved. there are also some android apps to protect women from rape

Temple Of Lord Buddha Built with Beer Bottles

Did you ever imagine a temple built with Beer Bottles, Sounds strange na, Buddhism preaches drinking Alcohol is a sin and beer bottles are not allowed into temple But the Temple of Lord  Gautama Buddha named Wat Pa Maha Chedi kaew in Combodia, Thailand is decorated with Beer Bottles, This temple is also recognized as one among the Eco friendly Site Seeing Spots in South- East Asia.

Telivison Star Oprah Winfrey was also a victim of rape

Oprah Winfrey the famous tv host who came India few months ago had bitter experiences, Shockingly She said in an interview that she was raped when she was at the age of 9 years by a cousin and later on by a family friend and also by my uncle when I was a minor source

Your Brother Can travel with your train ticket

Did You know that, Your Brother can travel with your train ticket ? yeah it is possible Indian Railways allows you to transfer your ticket to any of your family member (father, mother, brother,sister,wife,son & daughter) you may also change your boarding station. For this you have to approach your nearest railway station office 24 hrs before the journey.

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