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interesting websites of the week part2

Bored of browsing the same Popular websites like times of india, yahoo, Rediff or, Yeah me too ! To add variety to my  daily browsing, I started exploring some interesting websites on the go and would like to share the details of those websites as a series, I have already posted Interesting Websites of the week part1 a week ago.

Complaints India

You can post any complaint you have with your mobile network providers, Banking or any other services, Interesting thing is that most of the times respective companies concerned will try to answer your question and Complaints india will aso write its unbiased opinion and suggestion for resolving your complaint 

there are many informative articles which will make you alert and cautious " One such article about OLX was mentioned where criminals called the seller who wanted to sell their car and told will take a test drive and left away with the car " It is important to verify and ask the details of the people who want to buy your goods 

Patients Like Me

Patients like me works on the concept that The Patients who suffer from a certain health disorder are in a certain stage of the disease. If we get typhoid fever for the first time you will ask a person who had already faced it or search the web for info, But here there are so many patients like you who had passed through the stage and can help you and suggest you regarding prescriptions and best doctors. 

Before I die I want to

Users of this website have to write a email to the website owner - Nicole Kenney ,   So your photo along with what you want to do before you die will be published on her website and it remains as a promise between you and the website owner, in course of time she will email you asking about your progress towards achieving your aim. 

My Private Tutor

My Private Tutor is a real  good website for students looking for good tutors and Tutors looking for students, At this website Students can browse through different tutors, their profiles in which tutor's qualification, experience and their availability for offering tutions @ your home, online tutions or tutorial centre will be listed. Tutors and students from all major cities are listed here

The Kids Should See This

This website is created by Rion Nakaya, Mother of two kids who are 2 and 5. She started this when see saw that her kids where keenly watching videos, This is great way to impact and enrich them with knowledge. She started gathering all good videos her kids like to watch and put it as a website. videos are really good, I liked them

Tired of going to Supermarket to get your provisions likes rice, daals, fruits, vegetables and other packed snacks, Just imagine it is like a food bazar online. You can order your provisions by selecting products to your basket and you may pay by net banking, credit card or cash. You need to tell them your preferred time slot to receive the delivery. They also offer good discounts on branded products too. Big basket is available in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Nice to see this 

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