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Interesting Websites of the Week Part1

As Per a Report submitted by Leading Internet Services company, Netcraft There are 644,275,754 (More than half a billion) Active Websites in the world, But we hardly would have come across a hundred or more websites. There are many useful and great websites which are worth reading, In this section "Readitt-Websites of the Week" We bring you the most amazing and interesting websites

Every one Like to know about the Dreams they get in sleep, To Know about dreams you get in sleep and what they mean you can see this website 

Waiting for a Flight at Airports can be frustrating, At the same time if some one initiates a discussion with us we may have our doubts why this person has approached us, But how about If you can know more details about the person you are going to talk to in detail, Exactly Meet at the airport does the same, It is a Social networking site for People who are at the airport, it will show you list of co-passengers at that Particular Airport. offers games you can 
play directly on their website without having to download them, One more interesting  and Funny thing is they have games to take revenge on your boss, There are series of games " Kick Your Boss"

Jeetle is a bidding website which offers Electronics, cars and bikes etc. To Play here you can register at jeetle and add amount to your account via net banking  etc and then star bidding it works on the concept of lowest unique bid, Lowest unique bidder at the time of closure of Auction is declared as the winner

Cuponation as the name itself suggests it is a Coupons website, which features discount coupons  which can be used to avail discounts at different stores from more than 300 stores and also features top 20 coupon codes based on user experience and success rate.
This is a free website where you can watch live tv channels instantaneously without downloading any softwares, Good thing is optimum band width they use, I was able to watch the streaming uninterrupted at 512 kbps, There are so many sport channels so that you can watch cricket matches live online
Are you a Dog lover, So crazy about Dogs! Then you will be happy to see lot of good information about pet dogs like Dog breeders in india, Kennel Clubs in India etc. 

If you know about a lesser known website which is interesting, informative or influencing please let us know through your comments

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