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We Want Sachin Back !

Sachin Tendulkar, The God Of Cricket has retired from One Day Cricket and still I am not able to believe this, His sudden decision to quit One Day matches has come in as shocking surprise to me as well as to all the sachin fans and even criket lovers, As we will no longer see great cricketing shots like front foot six, Classy straight drive, Pull shot, paddle sweep and Upper cut which is played generally late !! 

Aawh  we really miss it sachin, Why did you take such a decision. Lot of fans like me are disappointed, We want you back, " We want Sachin Back " is the pulse of million fans

I whole heartedly feel the pressure of people and media questioning him about his retirement has compelled him and created a social pressure to which he succumbed and finally announced his retirement though there is lot of cricket left in him. 

I remember in 1995 we used to watch cricket only if sachin is playing, because in that times only hope for the Indian Cricket team was Sachin, He used to lead India to victory many times single handedly, Later on Ganguly and Dravid supported Sachin and that lead to a stronger Indian team. But Sachin was the only batsmen who used to deliver consistently. 

Most of the times I used to hear a comment that Sachin Tendulkar fails to deliver under pressure, But let me make it clear that, As far as sachin is at the crease he makes it look so simple because we know this man can do it, that is why we dont feel pressure, where as when some others play we dont really have the confidence they will do it so we are under pressure and if india wins we feel that particular player delivered under pressure and I feel this pressure is a perception of the audience. 

It is pathetic if people cannot recognize the person without success, It truly unfair to always expect sachin to play throughout the innings and finish the winning shot, It is really important recognize a individuals contribution though the struggle. 

If I ask you who helped India win the world cup final 2011, 90 percent of the people will answer Dhoni who has scored 91 runs ( no doubt Dhoni has played really well) but people dont regard Gautam Ghambir who played a knock of 97 (imagine if he did not deliver) What I mean to say for a "Team to Win" Every one in the team is equally responsible and regardable

Sachin's Match Winnng Statistics
Coming to the statistics Sachin has played the most no of match winning innings while chasing the target sachin played 238 matches made 8720 runs (avg-42.33) out of which there are 17 centuries and 52 half centuries only player near to this statistics is Brian Lara who has an average of 42.71 but the no of matches played were far lesser (162) to know more about sachin's match winning statistics you may like to see Why Sachin Tendulkar is a Match Winner ?

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I did not like the fact that people were pressurising him for his retirement when there are other players who are under performing, We miss Sachin's Batting stunts badly, The classic cricketing style he has and down to earth attitude and never was after captiancy or leadership. We miss you sachin , We want you back.

I really want BCCI to request Sachin to come back and contribute to the Indian team and one more thing is that as a hard core Sachin Fan I want Sachin to retire with a dashing innings " Master Blaster Deserves a Retirement with standing Applause "


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